Incomplete Resumes

Lebron James (Hans Deryk/REUTERS)

Right now Lebron James is the best player in the NBA.  He scores, he defends, he wins scoring titles and he wins championships regular season games.  Is Lebron great yet?  I think so but to be truly great in everyone’s eyes the best players have to win a championship.  Here is my list of the best in each of the 4 major sports not to lift the championship trophy at the end of the season. Continue reading


My Quick Takeaways From The 2012 NFL Combine

Now that the 2012 NFL combine is in the books I will give you some of my takeaways from this combine and some insight on this year’s draft class.

Andrew Luck (David Martin/AP)

1.  Andrew Luck is very athletic.  Luck is the highest rated quarterback in this year’s draft and he will be the number one pick.  That is what I already knew.  What I didn’t know Continue reading

The Leap Day Morning Dump: 2/29/12

Happy Leap Day to you all.

The NFL has moved opening night to Wed. Sept 5 to avoid conflict with Obama’s speech at the DNC.  I don’t care what night they play because I am going to get to see the Saints beat the Giants in New York.

There was a cat-fight of epic proportions Continue reading

Daytona 500 Recap

Well there were rain delays, wreck delays and even a diesel fuel and jet fuel spill/fire delay but they finally finished the Daytona 500 around 1 A.M. early on Tuesday. This was a fun one to watch even though it ran a day late and had a massive delay after 400 miles. Here are the stories that stood out…  Continue reading

The Morning Dump: 2/28/12

Happy National Pancake Day to you all.  I am throwing a pancake breakfast for my office staff so if you are in the Columbia, SC area you are welcome.

“Alright Juan,I want you to go out there and hit the jet dryer.”  “Hit the Continue reading