NBA All-Star Voters, Let Me Introduce You To Kevin Love.

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 Right now there are 2 really good, young and exciting power forwards in the NBA’s Western Conference.  One is on Sportscenter every night, the covers of Magazines, car commercials and late night talk shows.  The other can walk around most U.S. cities and not get recognized.  One is starting the 2012 All-Star game but the other should be.  One is Blake Griffin.  The other guy is Kevin Love.

Kevin Love is the best young talent in the NBA right now.  His game has matured and he is one of the most consistently dominant performers in the league today.  He currently sits 4th in the NBA in scoring with 25.6 ppg and 2nd in rebounds with 13.9 rpg.  He is putting up Barkley and Shaq like numbers and he can’t even get noticed for it.  His defense is improving and he is 100% hustle all the time.  The one thing he doesn’t do is make the highlight reels every night but he should be.  It might be because he isn’t flashy or that he plays in a relatively small NBA market but the fact he isn’t starting in the All-Star Game is a travesty.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Blake Griffin is a good player but I think he is the 4th or 5th best power Forward in the West (Love, Aldridge, Gasol and maybe Paul Millsap).  I think people are too enamored with the flash to see the holes in his game.  He isn’t good at creating shots for himself and he turns the ball over too much.  The only thing he has going for him is he is exciting to watch.  So I guess he is exciting enough for the fans who voted for the NBA All-Star team to overlook one of the best seasons ever for a big man by Kevin Love.


4 thoughts on “NBA All-Star Voters, Let Me Introduce You To Kevin Love.

  1. Best power forward? I can get behind that. Best young talent? No way.

  2. Also shows how WHERE you play is even more important than HOW you play in the NBA. No one cares about the T-Wolves…

  3. If he stays put and the Wolves keep improving they can be good. I really like Rubio and they have young talent on that squad.

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