The Morning Dump: 2/14/12

Today is February 14th.  I think it’s my anniversary or my wife’s birthday or something because she was looking a little angry at me when I told her I was playing poker with the boys tonight.

ECU fans get ready for those conference games in Hawaii starting in 2013.  It’s only a 5,728 mile road trip.

Carmelo Anthony says Jeremy Lin is a dream come true for him.  I am now questioning the types of dreams Melo has.

Kate Upton on the cover of the SI Swimsuit Issue.  WOW!

Jerry Jones wants Super Bowl L (50) in Cowboys Stadium.  Why is the NFL using roman numerals still?  The only place you ever see them are on Super Bowls or crappy sequels.  Do they even teach them in schools anymore?

(Credit: TS Rogers

Why are we supposed to care about dolphins that beach themselves? I think it is the dolphins way of saying “it’s okay, try some dolphin meat”.

Randy Moss wants to play in the NFL again.  I give it 5 games for the idiot GM who thinks this is a good idea.

Ben Jarvis Green Ellis wore a special impact detection helmet at the Super Bowl.  There was a lot of talk before about it but none since.  Do you think some the results scared the NFL?

Roburt Sallie got cut from his Spanish League Pro Basketball Team for using penis enhancement pills.  There are only 3 ways they found out.  1. Found the pills, 2. Failed a drug test, 3. Teammate’s were mad he wouldn’t share and turned him in.

Very sad story of Tommie Harris’ wife’s death.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


One thought on “The Morning Dump: 2/14/12

  1. Hello,

    This article is utilizing my dolphin in a can illustration. I was not asked permission for it’s use, nor am i being credited. If you wish to use it, please credit TS Rogers, with a source link to

    Thanks very much.
    TS Rogers

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