The Morning Dump: 2/21/12

Happy Tuesday you all.  I hope your Tuesday will better than mine considering I will more than likely be talking to a lawyer at some point during my workday today.  Never a good sign.

Chris Trotman / Getty Images

Deron Williams knocked “Linsanity” down a peg by dropping 8 3’s on them but the Knicks will get better as a team.  I don’t think Carmello will be back next year.


The sad story of Greg Oden continues.  5 knees surgeries in 5 years have limited him to 82 games in 5 years.  Greg Oden/Kevin Durant will be the Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan of this generation.

Rondo lost his temper after a no-call and threw the ball at the ref.  His prize?  An extended All-Star Break.

Bobby Valentine has banned cussing from Red Sox spring training.  Fake staches and glasses are still okay.

The Detroit Red Wings have won 23 games straight home games.  Wow!

If the Ravens pay Ray Rice Peterson money they are stupid.  No RB should get that kind of money in this league.  If Ray Rice doesn’t ask for Peterson money he is stupid.  No RB should be underpaid in this league.

John Iacono/SI

I think this will be Mariano “Enter Sandman” Rivera’s last year.  Has the greatest pitch ever.  Splitter!  May be the first 100% vote getter for the Baseball HOF.  Who can vote no?

I’m sticking with Kobe in calling out the Lakers front office about Gasol’s trade status.  It has gone on all season.  Make a move or tell him he is staying.

Have a great day.



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