Hey NC State. Yes, Jumbo? YOU’RE DONE SON!

PHOTOS BY Robert Willett

Right now thousands of NC State fans are thinking about calling in sick today.  No one wants to face those Carolina fans the morning after a big win.  They are ridiculous.  I have Carolina fans in my family and will say it to them.  The worst games to be at a bar during are UNC games.  They clap and cheer at free throws in the 1st half.  1st half free throws!  Stupid.  But let me get back to NC State.  I will put in the simplest way I know how.  The way I let people go when I have to fire someone.  YOU’RE DONE SON!!

You had a golden chance State.  All you had to do was get 1 win out of your previous 3 games to get that NCAA selection committee’s precious “Good Win” and you couldn’t get it.  You had Duke on the ropes and let them take it from you.  You didn’t show up at home against FSU.  You let Carolina take over the game after a solid early effort.  (On an unrelated note:  If the Tar heels keep shooting 3’s like last night they will win deep into the tourney)

Now you have 3 games left NC State at Clemson, hosting Miami and in Blacksburg at Va Tech.  All 3 games are winnable… for a team other than NC State.  You are broke now.  Busted!  You put your cards on the table and the conference big boys took your money.  It’s over for you.  Sitting on the bubble with no season defining wins on your résumé.  Not even the ACC tourney can save you now.


One thought on “Hey NC State. Yes, Jumbo? YOU’RE DONE SON!

  1. This is even worse after the Clemson loss, but yes, the ACC tournament can save us. For one thing, we could win it and get the auto bid. For another, the tourney will almost certainly provide more chances to get that elusive good win.

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