The Morning Dump: 2/22/12

Are you ready for the DUMP?  I am.  State auditor was in my office yesterday and left with a smile.  BOOM BABY!  GET SOME!  Happy ******* Wednesday!

I saw a report that Yu Darvish (FYI: Rangers New Japanese Pitcher) looked impressive in camp on Tuesday.  What a joke.  I could look impressive on the first day of pitcher/catcher spring training and I suck. All they do is throwing to first base and stretching.

Mike Ehrmann/SI

The Accenture Match Play Championship starts today.  My pick to win is…  Dustin Johnson.  Tiger will advance deep also.

Brady Quinn breaks down Tebow’s “humble” facade in GQ.  Bishop, I think that means I win.

The Mariners have dropped Ichiro Suzuki out of their leadoff spot to 3rd in the order.  After batting under .300 for the first time last year I think he will have a rebound year.

The WSJ reported that Joe Sakic was the highest paid athlete ever in proportion to the others in his sport.  In 1997 Sakic made $17 mil and that was 14.56 times the league average of $1.7 mil.  Jordan was 2nd.

Jason Campbell left his bride-to-be at the altar in the Dominican Republic over the weekend.  Someone probably told him that the marriage would still be legal in the U.S. so he bolted.

4 of the 5 founders of The Sports Dump will be participating in the Million Mustache March on 4/1/12 in Washington, D.C..  Greg will not because his “Big Boy” hair has not come in yet…  Upstairs and Downstairs.

I am working on a list of offensive slurs used to describe the people of Turkmenistan.  I don’t plan on using them but I hear there is a pretty good small forward that the NBA will be all over soon and I don’t want to pull an ESPN when I write about him.

Tom Brady’s mentor and maybe the one man who could fix Tebow, Tom Martinez passed away yesterday.  If you get a chance watch the piece ESPN ran on his and Brady’s relationship.  Great stuff.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 2/22/12

  1. Love the Dustin Johnson shout-out. Columbia REPRESENT!

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