The Morning Dump: 2/23/12

Happy Thursday to you all.  We are looking into getting a Sports Dump billboard.  Where should we put it?

What took them so long?  Manning to Miami signs are appearing off I-95 in Florida.  Your move Seattle.

Tiger held on to advance to the second round of the Accenture Match Play Championship.  Some big surprises:  Els over world #1 Donald 5/4, Jimenez over Garcia 2/1.

The Gatorade Duels kick off this afternoon around 2pm.  My duel picks are Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch.

Do the New York Rangers get Rick Nash or does Columbus hold on to him.  His scoring would be huge for the Rangers.

Linsanity meets Lebron and the Heat tonight.  Will this be a playoff preview?  I don’t know but I think the Heat will win big tonight.

Trent Richardson getting his knee scoped recently can’t be good for his pro prospects.  If I am Lamar Miller then I am foaming at the mouth to be the number 1 RB in the draft.

Dana White calls out Mayweather’s comments as “racist”.  Who would win?  Boxer in his prime or MMA fighter in their prime.  I think the boxer wins.

“El Hombre” isn’t happy about being called “El Hombre”.   Maybe the Angels should have researched that before they put up 20 “El Hombre” billboards.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 2/23/12

  1. I think Steve Nash could take out the boxer and MMA fighter at the same time.

    • That is such a given that i didn’t even mention it. Steve Nash is the man. He is a better PG, figher, hockey player and soccer player than Paul, Rondo and Westbrook.

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