The Morning Dump: 2/24/12

Do you smell that?  I can’t see it yet but I can smell it.  Is it?  It is.  It’s the weekend baby.  Half day at the office and then some afternoon golf.  I got 2 cigars and a bottle of Jack in my bag just waiting for quitting time.  Let’s go.

Danica Patrick might be tougher than me.  She took the hardest hit I have ever seen yesterday and she took it like a champ.  Wow!

AP Photo/Jeff Hanisch,File

Ryan Braun won his appeal for performance enhancing drugs yesterday and the MLB is not happy.  I don’t care.  The MLB should never have let the results out until the appeal process was finished.  They screwed up.

Were you watching league?  Miami gave you the blueprint to shut down Linsanity.  All you need is the best defense in the NBA.

Who is Laron Landry trying to become David Boston?  He is jacked but there is a reason a lot NFL guys don’t look like that.  That much muscle will hurt his frame not help it.  There is no way he can be flexible enough to avoid injury.  If I am the Skins I am worried.  Plus we know who will be getting some extra “random” testing.

Big Ben and some other Steelers are doing some restructuring to save cap room.  Is it enough to keep Mike Wallace?

Tiger’s putter is not going to let him win anything anytime soon.  He just can’t hit a thing when he needs to.

Someone is suing the Miami Marlins claiming they bought the team for $10 mil at an auction in 2008.  interesting.  If this makes it to court I will snap and sue this guy for making it happen.

My feeble mind needs help understanding something.  Is Deon Sanders’ ex suing him for $200 mil because he made her a gold-digger?  That is awesome.  Yes Deon it is your fault that I need millions to survive now.



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