The Morning Dump: 2/27/12

Happy Monday to all of you.

AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt

A Monday afternoon Daytona 500 and I am not happy about this at all.  I feel a half day at work coming on.

The NBA All Star game ended up pretty entertaining.  Why did everyone want to see Lebron take that horrible shot?  The pass he attempted was a higher percentage play than the shot.  MLB All Star game still is the best though.

The NCAA has ruled Reggie Johnson of Miami ineligible due to travel benefits his family received.  Holding the families of these players accountable is so tough and I don’t see how the NCAA will be able to do it successfully.

The feds have finally stepped in to look into the Sandusky/Penn State ordeal.  It’s about time.

The NHL trade deadline is at 3pm today.  Any big last-minute moves?  Nash to Rangers?

Why rush the recovery Jim Calhoun?  Take the rest of the year off and come back next year.

I think it is crazy that no one in the Colts front office can watch Peyton throw before the March 8th deadline for his roster bonus due to new CBA guidelines on player contact. That tells me he is as good as gone.  I hope he gets healthy and plays again somewhere.

Joel Zumaya has torn an elbow ligament will be out the entire season.  Who remembers when he broke his elbow throwing a pitch in 2010?  Nasty.

Kevin Love won the 3-point contest this weekend.  The best shooting big man ever.

NCAA moved kickoffs to the 35 from the 30 and touchbacks to the 25 from 20 for the 2012 season.  Nothing changes momentum like a kick return and I hate that the NCAA and NFL are trying to cut them.

As a New Orleans Saints fan it really bothers me that we haven’t locked up Brees yet.  Pay him whatever he wants and get the deal done.  If not we will lose Nicks to free agency.

Now get your work done and go watch the race.


4 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 2/27/12

  1. Yes, take the rest of the year off Calhoun and enjoy next season when your team is banned from the NCAA tournament! Just do the right thing and retire old man!

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