The Morning Dump: 2/28/12

Happy National Pancake Day to you all.  I am throwing a pancake breakfast for my office staff so if you are in the Columbia, SC area you are welcome.

“Alright Juan,I want you to go out there and hit the jet dryer.”  “Hit the jet dryer?”  “Hit the JET DRYER!”  “What for?” “Because you’ve hit everything else on the track I want you to be perfect.”

Other thoughts on last nights race:  Congrats to Matt Kenseth.  He had a badass car.  Greg Biffle is a punk.  Sadler should lose his ride.  Bad luck Danica.

With his nose broke I bet Kobe plays rough the rest of the season.

The Rams have to love how impressive RG3 looked at the combine.  They are in an awesome spot and it just keeps getting better.

The boogieman looks in his closet for Dontari Poe before he goes to bed.  A 4.87 40 at 346 lbs.  Damn!

Rick Nash didn’t get traded and his GM called him out for requesting trade.  That should make the rest of the season fun.

Jason Varitek is retiring.  I think catchers are my favorite ballplayers ever.  Tough and they don’t take shit from no one.

Damian Strohmeyer/SI

I am tired this morning from staying up and watching that race so i am out.



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