My Quick Takeaways From The 2012 NFL Combine

Now that the 2012 NFL combine is in the books I will give you some of my takeaways from this combine and some insight on this year’s draft class.

Andrew Luck (David Martin/AP)

1.  Andrew Luck is very athletic.  Luck is the highest rated quarterback in this year’s draft and he will be the number one pick.  That is what I already knew.  What I didn’t know is how fast and athletic he looked at the combine.  I would have never once compared him to Cam Newton before the combine but the athleticism he showed is very comparable.  I think he will be a GREAT pro quarterback and will be the cornerstone of Indy’s team for the next decade.

2.  Robert Griffin III is a legit.  Great arm, great speed and good size.  He answered all the big questions that were being asked about his game.  He also made St. Louis the very happy owners of the number 2 pick because it just got more valuable.  I think Cleveland gets him becasue of the multiple picks this year but it would not surprise me if the Skins and Seahawks mortgage 2 drafts to get him.

Kendall Wright WR Baylor

3.  Game speed means alot more than track speed.  If track speed was all that mattered then Usain Bolt would be wearing the number 84 on Sundays.  Game speed is about effort and drive.  I don’t care if Kendall Wright ran a 4.6 40 as long as on the field DB’s have trouble staying with him.  He plays faster than his time.  Who cares if Dontari Poe can run a 4.8 40?  He is a freak don’t get me wrong but I want to know if he will fire off the ball late in the game in December.

4.  There will be some good QB’s after Luck and RG3.  Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill I think will be starters this year or next and Weeden and Foles impressed me also.  All 4 are very smart and will thrive.  This could be the best QB class since 1983 (Elway, Marino, Kelly).

Trent Richardson (SI)

5. Don’t waste a 1st or 2nd round pick on a running back.  Teams will do it.  Richardson and Miller will go in the first and a few more will follow in the 2nd but I don’t see the need.  There are dozens of RB in this draft that will be playing on Sunday.  You can wait to draft one.

David Molk (L) and Mike Martin (

6.  My favorite guys from this combine were David Molk (C) and Mike Martin (DT) from Michigan.  I love these two.  If you can watch a Michigan game from last season and look at these guys go.  No quit at all.  I also loved the fact that they banged heads in practice for 4 years.  Awesome.  I will be cheering for these guys wherever they go.  I just hope it’s the Saints.


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