The Leap Day Morning Dump: 2/29/12

Happy Leap Day to you all.

The NFL has moved opening night to Wed. Sept 5 to avoid conflict with Obama’s speech at the DNC.  I don’t care what night they play because I am going to get to see the Saints beat the Giants in New York.

There was a cat-fight of epic proportions in Michael Turner’s front yard Monday between his current live-in girl and his ex.  Turner doesn’t even control that “one yard”.

Duane Barnes, the driver of the jet dryer that violently steered in to Juan Montoya’s path is doing fine.  He will parley this fame into a tea party senate nomination and throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game.

Hank Haney’s book says Tiger nearly quit golf to become a Navy Seal.  It also says Hank Haney is a money grabbing fame whore.  Why would anyone trust him now if all he will do is write a book about you?

NASCAR says Kesolowski can keep his phone in the car.  If I am Penske Racing I am saying “No Deal”.  Why add the distraction?

Jeremy Lin joins the likes of Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps with back-to-back SI covers.  I want to see back-to-back-to-back-to-back Kate Upton covers.

Derrick Rose has signed a $200 mil shoe deal with Adidas.  Is his the biggest deal in the league now?  I am wondering.

Eating me some Subway today and tearing up my free cookie.  The only question is do I want to be good (turkey and wheat) or bad (meatball)?


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