How Louisville Can Beat Kentucky

Before anyone of you reads this, gets excited, goes out and bets good money on a Cardinals victory please calm down.  These Wildcats are the best team in the country.  They have been the best team in the country since day 1 of the season.  This is their National Championship.

But there is a team in the adjacent locker room that doesn’t see that.  The Louisville Cardinals are as confident and determined a team as Kentucky will face this season. Louisville is riding an 8 game winning streak that includes a Big East Championship and a win over #1 seed Michigan State.  Can they beat Kentucky?  They can if they can accomplish these 3 things tonight.

  1. Defensive Pressure and Confusion

75 is the number.  Below it good and above it bad.  Patino is a mastermind at confusing offenses with his pressure D.  If this team can continue the defensive intensity they displayed against Florida and Michigan State they can frustrate Kentucky and give themselves a chance.  One thing is for sure.  I am predicting at least 1 broken nose courtside from a monster Anthony Davis or Gorgui Dieng block.

  1. Hit the 3-point shot

Kyle Kuric, Chris and Russ Smith must hit from beyond the arc tonight.  They must hit consistently from 3 tonight and they must get hot early.  If they can hit threes early and get out front then this will put pressure on Kentucky to score and paired with Louisville’s defense will cause forced shots.

  1. Have Fun and Stay Loose

Louisville has to play loose tonight.  When you play loose your shots drop and your legs stay fresh (a priority with UL’s short bench).  If they can come in knowing that all the pressure is on Kentucky then they can slay the giant.

They are coming into this game as the little brother who is supposed to lose to his big brother.  That doesn’t mean it has to happen. (Does anyone else picture the Rick Moranis speech from Little Giants?) Louisville loses this game they go home winners this season.  But if they win they go home legends.  I can’t wait for this game tonight.

I have also purchased a big bottle Makers Mark tonight and will be doing a shot every time CBS shows Ashley Judd.  2 shots if they show her crying.


Mega Millions Sized Disappointment

After spending over $1,500 of our hard earned money and Greg’s allowance the Sports Dump Five were sure they were guaranteed a lottery windfall last night.  Plans were put in place to up our production value and hire some real writers for this crappy site.  But it was not to be.  Plans have been shelved and you are stuck with us for the foreseeable future.  We apologize and hope you will stay with us.  

– The Jumbo

Triple Crown Trail: Déjà vu in the Spiral Stakes, two key prep races, and the $10 million Dubai World Cup

Union Rags

Union Rags will try to solidify his position as the nation's best three-year-old in the Florida Derby.

I’ll start this week’s column by patting myself on the back.  As I predicted last week, Went the Day Well was the winner of the Spiral Stakes (watch).  This marks the second year in a row that the owner/trainer/jockey clique of Team Valor, Graham Motion, and John Velasquez has won this race, after Animal Kingdom last year.  Much like Animal Kingdom, this was Went the Day Well’s first race on Polytrack, after having previously raced only on grass.  Animal Kingdom’s first start on dirt was the Kentucky Derby, which he also won.  Can Motion pull this trick again?  I don’t know, but there isn’t a trainer in the business better than Motion at switching a horse between racing surfaces.  Went the Day Well is a colt to watch. Continue reading

2012 Final Four Preview

It’s finally here. If you’re like me, you remember counting down the days until Oct. 14, the day college basketball teams are allowed to begin practicing. On that day every college basketball fan dreamed of their team making a magical run through March that would end this weekend in New Orleans. For four teams that dream is still alive and they get their shot at ultimate glory, starting tomorrow. While there were plenty of surprises in this year’s tournament, the 2012 Final Four features some of the most elite teams in college basketball. These teams have a combined 49 Final Fours and 13 National Championships between them, so if you enjoyed watching schools like VCU, Butler and George Mason in previous years you’re out of luck. Let’s take a look at each school and Saturday’s matchups after the jump.

Continue reading

NASCAR Primer: Martinsville

Ah, the Paper Clip that is Martinsville. I’ve been to 4 races here, which is kind of sad since it is only a couple hours away from me. This track gets racing right. As a driver you have to be up on the wheel and working hard the whole race. You can’t take a lap off here or you’ll get knocked right out of the way. You have to also take care of your car here, namely your brakes, or you’ll surely end up in the wall. You’ll hear a lot about the aggressiveness necessary at this track on Sunday but there is one thing you’ll hear about more…. Continue reading

The Morning Dump: 3/30/12

Up early, banging out some finishing touches on the Dump by enjoying the “Breakfast of Champions”.  No not Wheaties but Red Bulls and Swiss Cake Rolls.

Why is Donovan McNabb even getting a chance to speak about RG3?  How were the Redskins supposed to cater their offense to an out of shape and uncommitted QB?  RG3 is committed to be succesful and all McNabb’s doing is showing us how committed he is to blaming his embarrassing career ending to anyone but himself. Continue reading

Jumbo’s 2012 MLB Award Predictions

With the real start of baseball season breathing done our necks, I am bringing you my picks for who is going to take home the regular season awards the year.

AL Rookie of the Year:  Yu Darvish 

Yu Darvish (By Rob Schumacher, The (Phoenix) Arizona Republic)

I don’t think it will be easy to beat out Matt Moore in Tampa or Jesus Montero in Seattle but I think Darvish will be a top 10 pitcher in Wins, Strikeouts and WHIP and if that happens then it will be a no contest. Continue reading