R.I.P. Dodge. Penske Racing Is Leaving Dodge For Ford In 2013.

This move will mark the funeral for Dodge that has been a long time coming in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  Right now Penske Racing and Robby Gordan’s team are the only teams that run Dodges in the Sprint Cup series.  Penske sees that his team can not compete with the other teams that run Chevy, Ford and Toyota in sharing information with each other on testing.  With Penske leaving I am sure that even if Robby Gordon is able to continue racing past this year, he will not be racing Dodges in 2012.  This will be agreat move for Brad Keselowski and A.J Allmendinger and will make this team better and more consistent.  Unless Dodge, who is coming out with a newly designed Charger in 2013 can convince another team to make a move it will be a sad and unfortunate ending for one of the classic American manufacturers in NASCAR’s history.

Statement from Ralph Gilles, President and CEO – SRT Brand and Motorsports, on the news from Penske Racing.

“Dodge has enjoyed a successful partnership with Penske Racing for 10 years.  It’s a partnership that has produced results for both parties on and off the track.  Roger (Penske) has made a business decision to accept an offer with another manufacturer.  We wish Roger and Penske Racing much success in the future.

“We are committed to work with Penske Racing to compete at the highest level, win races and contend for championships this season.

“Our motorsports involvement isn’t limited to NASCAR.  We do value our NASCAR program and will be evaluating the opportunities available moving forward.  As those opportunities materialize, we’ll reveal our 2013 plans, not only in NASCAR but in other forms of motorsports.”


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