Monday Morning Golf Report: The Honda Classic 3/5/12

The Honda Classic was the coronation of Rory Mcllroy as the world’s number 1 golfer and the realization that Tiger Woods is getting closer to being the guy we all want to see again.

(Getty Images)

After failing to secure the world #1 ranking last week in a loss to Hunter Mahan, Mcllroy shot a closing round 69 to finish 2 shots ahead of Tiger Woods and Tim Gillis at 12 under.  The win makes Rory the 2nd youngest player (22) to be ranked #1 behind Tiger Woods (21) ever.  Mcllroy shows a poise on the course that is rarely been seen in a 22-year-old.  He takes calculated chances and doesn’t stray from his game plan.  He is clutch.  When I watch him I feel the same way I did watching Woods in his prime.  I just feel he will hit the shot.  I am looking forward to watching him play at an elite level for years to come.

Tiger Woods showed us that he isn’t ready to fade away just yet.  His final round 62 was his best ever and he did it with his putter.  If Tiger can build some momentum and post some good finishes leading up to the Masters I think that his confidence will be back and we could see some great golf out of him.  I want to see Tiger win.  Not because I am a Tiger fan but because it is what’s best for the sport.  When Tiger is up front ratings, revenue and media attention grow.  Those are all great things for golf.

Next tournament:

World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship

TPC Blue Monster at Doral, Miami, FL

2011 Winner:  Nick Watney


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Golf Report: The Honda Classic 3/5/12

  1. Rory will be good, but comparing him to Tiger in his prime is extremely premature.

    • Rory at 22 is as good as Tiger at 22. He game is cleaner and his plays smarter.

      • Even if I agree that they’re on the same level at 22 (that’s debatable since Tiger won his first major earlier and was ranked #1 earlier), Tiger won the Grand Slam by 24 and won 9/20 tournaments in 2000. Rory has a pretty huge leap to make in the next two years.

      • I understand. But if/when Tiger gets it back Rory will be there and the showdowns will be great.

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