The Morning Dump: 3/5/12

Monday is here and I am not happy about it.  What a weekend to be a Saints fan.

My thoughts on the New Orléans Bounty Program.

The bounty program is the same as helmet stickers for high school and college teams.  Big hit = Sticker, Big hit = cash.  No difference.  I have no problem with anyone knocking out Drew Brees with a clean hit.  That is their job.  But if the Saints hits were meant to be dirty (low, late, headshots) then there needs to be a very large punishment. 

Will Greg Williams get banned for life?

Franchising Brees hurts.  Goodbye Carl Nicks.

I want to see a UNC/UK rematch in the tourney.  Bad.

Deron Williams scores 57 pts and the Nets only beat the Bobcats by 3.  2 very bad teams.

Rondo messes around and gets a triple-double to beat the Knicks in OT.  Rondo will be out of Boston within the next week and will give a team a very good point guard for the playoffs.

I love the addition of 2 more wildcards in the MLB playoffs.  I hate that the wildcard team gets 2 guaranteed home games now.

Did anyone else watch Ronda Rousey nearly rip Miesha Tate’s arm off on Saturday night?  That is one badass chick.

The “Masked Mamba” lit up the Heat for 33.  I am a bit surprised no one laid a hard foul on Wade.

NC State gets the 5th seed in the ACC tournament.  They need at least 1 win to get in the Dance. (Check back later this week for our ACC Tourney Preview)

Nice purse Lebron.

4 yrs/31 mill will buy Marshawn Lynch a lot of Skittles.


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