The Morning Dump: 3/7/12

At 12pm today the Colts are going to release Peyton Manning.  Some people don’t like it but it is the only move they can make.  I hope he gets healthy and can play again.

In other injured player news Sidney Crosby has been cleared for contact and will play on Sunday.  Great player who I want to see shake this but I don’t think he will.  He could be the greatest pro athlete whose career was cut short by injury.

Mike Tyson is getting a one-man show in Vegas next month to show off his comedic skills.  Who has the balls to heckle him?  Not the greatest boxer ever but he was the baddest.

Harvard gets its first NCAA berth since 1946.  I credit Jeremy Lin.

Jay Glazer said Randy Moss looked good in his New Orleans workout yesterday.  Please don’t sign him.

Good news for Johan Santana and the Mets yesterday.  he looked good and strong in pitching 2 innings.

Zorro didn’t work for the Lakers last night.  Go back to the old mask Kobe.

Scandal seems to show up around Jim Boeheim.  It’s not coincidence.


4 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/7/12

  1. The next time a player in the NFL holds out and someone complains I am going to remind them that even Peyton Manning got cut. Get your money when you can.

  2. And Kobe went to the old mask in the 2nd quarter last night.

  3. He will never again be Zorro.

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