The Morning Dump: 3/9/12

What took you so long Friday?  We have missed you.

Manning played golf with Marino yesterday in Miami.  This Manning watch is going to get as bad as the Favre saga.

Jose Canseco is out of Mexican baseball for taking steroids.  Hey Mexican baseball, you knew he took steroids when you brought him there.  What’s the deal?  Jose is gonna take steroids because that’s what Jose does. Just accept it and let the freak show roll on.  I loved me some “Bash Brothers” when I was a kid.

David Price injured after a vigorous towel off and could not perform yesterday.  vigorous towel off?  Sounds like an adult film injury not a baseball one and this story makes me think of Val Venus.  “Hello Ladies.”

Maybe next year Northwestern.  After yesterday’s loss it looks like they will remain the only team from the Big 6 conferences (ACC, SEC, B10, B12, PAC10, Big East) never to make the NCAA tournament.

Suspended Auburn PG Varez Ward is at the center of a FBI point shaving investigation.  The PG is the key to any point shaving racket.  They always try to get the PG.

NASCAR has given jet dryers their own pace car and the drivers are wearing fire suits and helmets.  Sounds like they are just daring Juan to do it again.

The magical playoff basketball run is over for UCONN at 13 straight.

Jonathon Papelbon is already saying Philly fans are better than Red Sox fans.  Wait till you blow a save in Philly, Pap.  Just ask Mitch Williams how they can get.

The NHL has a bigger concussion issue than the NFL and no one talks about it.

Have a great weekend.


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