Redskins Get In Position To Draft RG3

In a move that can’t be finalized until Tuesday 3/13 at 4pm, the Redskins have dealt 3 1st round picks over the next 3 years plus additional later round picks to the St. Louis Rams for the 2nd pick in this years NFL draft.  With this move St. Louis and Jeff Fisher help a young team with a lot of needs get better through the draft and the Redskins hope to get the franchise quarterback they have been searching for the last 2 decades.  Here are the points I am taking away from this move.

1.  People will knock this trade on the Redskins part but I like it.  They are giving up more than the Giants did for Eli and the Falcons did for Vick but like those 2 teams they had to take a chance at getting a great quarterback in RG3.  Remember when all the experts knocked the Giants when they traded away a load of picks to get Eli Manning from San Diego?  Ask them what they think 2 NY Giants Super Bowls later.

2.  St. Louis has to love this deal.  They get the building blocks to build a good young football team.  They have their franchise QB and with the 6th pick they can get a WR or OL to help Bradford.  The weak NFC West will have a new team at the top for years to come after St. Louis gets these pieces in place.  This trade is a franchise builder.

3.  What would this draft be like if Peyton Manning was 100% healthy and still be a Colt?  If the senior citizen Colts (NFL years) could have made the same type of deal the Rams made and got younger quick would we be calling them the favorites in the AFC South?  They would have traded down and taken a QB they could groom by backing up Manning.  Where would Luck or RG3 be?


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