The Morning Dump: 3/13/12

Happy NFL Free Agent Day.

4pm today NFL free agency begins.  Where do Mario Williams and Carl Nicks end up?

Michael DeMocker/The Times-Picayune

Who gets Manning?  If I was Manning I would want to make a choice prior to today’s FA start time.  Then he could recruit for his new team.

Why did the NFL wait this long to punish Washington and Dallas for non-overspending overspending?

Randy Moss in SF.  He played so good in the Bay last time.

UNC losses 15 scholarships, wins from 08-09 and no bowl next year.

Attention AFL players.  Don’t try to make some power play for more money.  It will only get you cut at the Olive Garden before your game.

I am a NCAA tournament purest.  I am a one bracket guy.  I will play in multiple challenges but will use the same bracket.  Why?  Because that is what you are supposed to do.  I hate when guys say “I have them in one of my brackets”.  Study the teams…  Do one bracket…  And shut up.

The Magic are going to try to give Howard reasons to stay before Thursday.  If they can’t…  He is gone by the trade deadline.

We will find out what the NFL will do to the Saints sometime this week. 

Get in our bracket challenge and win our $100.


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