The Morning Dump: 3/14/12

Day 1 of NFL free agency wasn’t as crazy as I expected.  Has there ever been a more active NFL offseason than this one?  Manning, Bounties, CAP Troubles and Big Trades.

Smart move by Dwight Howard to say he is staying in Orlando for the rest of the season.  Now he can sign where he wants and that team won’t have to give up talent for him.


With Fab Melo out for Cuse their chances of winning have taken a hit.  I hope they win and get all the wins that Melo played in taken away.  They could be a 9-26 National Champion.

Brandon Marshall allegedly got in a fight at a nightclub and punched a woman in NY over the weekend.  Marshall is a headcase.  Good luck Chicago with him.

Yu Darvish’s 2nd outing didn’t go as good as his first.

The “StrasBurger” in Washington, named after Stephen Strasburg is 8 lbs and made from 3 kinds of meats.  Road trip.

British Prime Minister Cameron:  I would like to go see a basketball game.

President Obama:  Awesome, I love basketball.  Let me go gas up Air Force One.

(Getty Images)

British Prime Minister Cameron:  Who are we going to see?

President Obama:  Iona and BYU.

British Prime Minister Cameron:  WHAT?  Aren’t the Heat  playing the Magic tonight?

Come on Mr. President.  The NCAA play in games?  Our cousins from across the pond send over their leader and we show him a good time in Dayton, Ohio.  The trip had better have been saved by taking him to Dayton’s only strip club, the Brass Pole.

Good to have Crosby back on the ice.  I hope he can stay healthy.


14 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/14/12

  1. Howard is stringing along the Magic worse than Lebron ever did two years ago. If the ownership is smart in Orlando (they’re not.) they’ll trade him before the deadline. Dwight is not coming back next year.

    • Who will trade for a player they know will not stay? He will finish out the season in Orlando and then go to the Nets.

      • He prefers the Nets, but would consider other teams if presented. Bulls, Clippers, Lakers all could force the Nets to make a deal if they think he’d sign with them long term instead. I think your scenario is correct, but it’s stupid on Orlando’s part. They get screwed with nothing in return.

      • Who will make a deal with Orlando without a deal with Howard for the future? Orlando isn’t gettng screwed. They signed a guy to a contract and he played out the contract. If Orlando wants to win now they should trade for a guard and try to win the title this year. They are a top 5 NBA team right now.

      • Orlando would be getting screwed if they got nothing in return for a player they know is leaving. They’ll make the playoffs with Howard but I’m not so sure they can win a championship. You have to wonder if it is worth it just to “roll the dice” to try to win a championship.

        If a contender can get a confirmation that he’ll sign long term and get him this year, it would be worth it. A lot of these other teams want to win now and they might be able to get Howard just because the Magic may get desperate.

      • I don’t think a team will give the Magic what they want for Howard. A deal will not happen.

      • They won’t get what they want probably. But they also don’t want to let him leave town and the franchise be left empty handed when something could be had.

      • Chris Broussard thinks the Magic are pissed and are going to move him. All other teams know this so they will not get dick for him. Just sack up and be men about it.

    • I’m not so sure he is stringing them along. He is pretty much saying “we’ll see” when asked about re-signing in Orlando and you can tell he isn’t going to stay. I think everyone really thought there was a chance Lebron would stay and it seemed like it could happen. Lebron easily could have came out and just said no. Besides, I don’t think as many people had a problem with Lebron until the Decision anyway. That is the big difference here between these two. I don’t blame either one of them for leaving their situations, BTW. I think they have to do what’s best no matter how it gets done.

  2. I just told you three other teams that Dwight would sign an extension with. Those clubs would love to get Howard and if they can’t, they should at least be trying to force the Nets into giving up some assets to get him.

    • Those teams all know they have a great chance at him when he hits open market. Why would you make a trade to give up talent and draft picks to get someone you can sign in the offseason? I am sure they all want Howard and would be good spots but they have no assurances that he will stay with them if traded. It’s too much risk.

      • Right, and you’d only make a trade if he would sign an extension. I’m saying he would sign with one of those teams if they traded for him. If you wait until free agency you just get a chance to get him, if you make a trade you know you get him. You also prevent him from going to one of those other teams. If you knew he would sign with your team, wouldn’t it be worth it to give up some picks and players to get him and make sure your competition doesn’t? Absolutely.

  3. Plus, Golden State said they were interesting in trading for Howard even if he wouldn’t sign with them long term. There is a market out there. The Magic can get something for him if they have the balls to do it.

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