The Morning Dump: 3/15/12

The NCAA tournament is here and I am pumped.  This morning Davids are waking up knowing they can knock off Goliath.  How many teams do you think watched Hoosiers last night?  I love it.  This is what makes college sports great. 

Carl Nicks signed with the Tampa Bay Bucs yesterday and then became the target of the fans of the Saints on Twitter.  I love social media but it has turned people into 1,000 mile big men.  I would pay good money to see people say in person to these pro athletes that they say on Twitter.  It would be great.

Tampa Bay is making some great moves this offseason.

Will Dwight Howard be a New Jersey Net at 3:01 pm or will he still be in Orlando? 

I think it is a win that the Buffalo Bills have been able to keep Mario in town for 3 days but there is no way he signs with them.  It like getting married after your first date.  More is out there.

Big win by the Bulls last night against the Heat without Derrick Rose.  They play great defense and getting that win without Rose is huge.

Albert Pujols homered twice yesterday and is looking great this spring.  The Angels are my way too early pick to win the World Series.

NCAA game I am most looking forward to today is #6 Murray State v. #11 Colorado State.  Upset is coming.


5 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/15/12

  1. This Dwight Howard thing was just so much fun, let’s do it again next year!

    • Of course. Does Deron go to Dallas today by 3pm?

      • Doesn’t look like it. Apparently the Nets think Gerald Wallace is going to convice Deron to stay. Good luck with that!

      • This doesn’t mean Dwight is there next year it just means he is under contract. I think they are trading him to NJ in the offseason.

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