Post NBA Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

After the dust settled on Thursday afternoon no big moves were made.  Dwight Howard is still a member of the Orlando Magic for at least the rest of the season (maybe longer) and Deron Williams is still a Net.  That doesn’t mean some deals that can shake up the playoffs didn’t happen.


Los Angeles Lakers

Geoff Burke, US Presswire

Kobe might not like it but moving Derek Fisher and upgrading the PG position was a great move.  Ramon Sessions (10.5 ppg, 5.2 apg) comes over from Cleveland to be the new starting PG in LA.  Fisher’s leadership will be missed but the younger faster Sessions is a big upgrade.  They also added Jordan Hill from the Rockets to offer some front-court depth.  The biggest moves made for the Lakers were the non-moves.  Keeping Bynum and Gasol on the roster and adding Sessions makes this team a solid contender in the wide open West.

Los Angeles Clippers

Getting Nick Young was a solid move for the Clippers.  He will join a crowded rotation but his scoring skills will separate him from the crowd.  If he is able to become more careful with his ball control and cut down on turnovers he will thrive in Lob City.  This move should improve a team that is fighting the Lakers for the West’s Pacific Division.

Goldon State Warriors

Though getting Andrew Bogut will not help them this season, having one of the better young big men in the league is a great pull.  He will make this team way better next year.  The Warriors moved Monta Ellis but they are adding some good young talent and draft picks.  Next year Bogut and Stephen Curry should form the nucleus to a playoff ready team out west.

San Antonio Spurs

The 2nd best team in the West just became the BEST team with the acquisition of Stephen Jackson.  Jackson come back to San Antonio where he won a title and gives them a solid scoring threat.  He will be great in Pop’s system.


New Jersey Nets

Dwight Howard’s change of heart means that the Nets lost out on getting the big time player they were after.  It also looks like Deron Williams will be gone afer this season too.  In the one move the Nets did make they brought in Gerald Wallace but that will not be enough to make anyone excited about going to a Nets game in Brooklyn next year.  This season will finish out and then the Nets better hope they can make moves to acquire some talent this offseason.

Minnesota Timberwolves

They couldn’t move Michael Beasley nor could they get some help at PG to ease the pain of losing Rubio for the rest of the year.  This team was on the verge of being a playoff team before Rubio’s injury and they did nothing to give them a chance.

New Orléans Hornets

The NBA has run this team into the ground.  First they torpedo the Paul trade with the Lakers before the season started that would have put the Hornets in a better position and they were unable to move Chris Kaman and Eric Gordon before they will walk in free agency this summer.  The trade that the Hornets made with the Clippers after the shut down Laker trade netted them far less than the Laker trade would have and left them with little prospects for next year.


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