So Manning’s a Bronco, Where Does That Leave Tebow?

No matter where Peyton Manning decided to sign his contract, he was going to displace a 2011 starting quarterback.  With reports coming out today that Peyton Manning has decided to play for the Denver Boncos, that displaced starter’s name is none other than Tim Tebow.   So what’s happens next for Tebow?

Denver will undoubtedly try to trade Tebow, although it’s uncertain how much they will be able to get in return.  There are only a handful of teams still in the market for quarterbacks, and it would take a very ambitious organization to want to bring Tebowmania into their stadium.  Here’s a look at the trade candidates for Tebow.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are the closest NFL team to the University of Florida where Tebow is still immensely popular.  Their dwindling attendance could use the boost that Tebow would provide to their ticket sales.  Owner Shahid Kahn has already said that if he were the owner back in 2010 that he would have drafted Tebow. Unfortunately, the Jaguars invested the 10th overall pick last year in quarterback Blaine Gabbert and have also brought in Chad Henne to compete with Gabbert for the starting role.   Adding Tebow to the mix would likely involve giving up on Gabbert or releasing Henne.  The wild card here is Shahid Kahn who could overrule his staff and demand a trade for Tebow.   While Jacksonville does not seem to be a good fit football-wise for Tebow, he would likely be a great fit for Kahn’s pockets.  Stay tuned.

Miami Dolphins

Miami has struck out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn this offseason.  Could they turn their attention to Tebow?  Owner Stephen Ross would love to make a big splash this offseason and bringing Tebow to South Beach would certainly qualify.  Since Miami has no current quarterback, it is imperative that they bring SOMEBODY to play.  Miami introduced the Wildcat offense to the NFL a few years ago and Tebow would be the perfect quarterback to revitalize that offense.  Tebow likely wouldn’t be former Green Bay offensive coordinator Joe Philbin’s first choice, but as in Jacksonville, the owner may step in and make his decision for him.

New England Patriots

Josh McDaniels is the man who drafted Tim Tebow and now he works for Bill Belichick in New England.  Belichick is certainly not afraid of bringing in controversial players and in New England, there would no pressure to let Tim Tebow start over Tom Brady.  Tebow could certainly make the offense more dynamic as the Pats could use him as a situational  H-back or QB on third and shorts.  New England seems like a good fit for Tebow and I could see the Patriots dealing for him.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland struck out in their efforts to trade up in the draft in order to replace Colt McCoy with Robert Griffin III.  They were never really in the Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning chase likely because they were realistic about their chances of bringing either of them voluntarily to Cleveland.  Mike Holmgren appears to be content going into this year with McCoy as the starter once again and trying for a quarterback high in the draft next year instead.  It makes little sense for the Browns to replace a  young, inconsistent McCoy with a young inconsistent Tebow.  If McCoy isn’t the answer, the Browns will be picking high enough in the draft to potentially Matt Barkley out of USC or whoever next year’s Robert Griffin III appears to be.  Stranger things have happened, but I don’t expect Tebow in Cleveland next year.

San Francisco 49ers

What?  The 49ers?  Am I serious?  Darn right I am.  If the season started today, Colin Kaepernick, who has thrown a total of 3 NFL passes, would be the starter.  Alex Smith is in Miami right now discussing contract terms. While that’s certainly not a done deal, San Francisco must prepare for the possibility that Smith does not leave Miami unemployed.  Jim Harbaugh is an egomaniac and after getting Alex Smith to be productive last year, may believe that he is just the guy to turn Tebow into a solid NFL quarterback.   The 49ers defense last year allowed less than 20 points a game, so even mediocre offensive production from Tebow might be enough to win the weak NFC West.  I mean, if Alex Smith can take the 49ers to the NFC Championship game, then why can’t Tebow?


2 thoughts on “So Manning’s a Bronco, Where Does That Leave Tebow?

  1. I think Tebow beats out Chase Daniel for the Saint’s starting job next year.

  2. He should sign with the Falcons to be their short yardage back.

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