The Morning Dump: 3/20/12

Good luck in Denver Peyton.  For the people who are giving Elway and the Broncos hell for getting Peyton and leaving Tebow out to dry…  Get over it.  I like Tebow.  He is a great role model for kids and is good for the NFL.  He is not Peyton Manning.  If you have a chance to get a HOF QB with some years left in his tank you have to make that move.

Alex Smith breaking my heart. (Robert Galbraith/Reuters)

Where will you go Alex Smith?

Mike Napoli and CJ Wilson are having the mildest and weakest Twitter battle in history.

Rangers/Devils game last night started with 3 goons from each team on the ice for the opening puck drop.  Can anyone guess what happened next?

Matt Kenseth still doesn’t have a full year sponsor for this season.

Volvo just signed Jeremy Lin to an endorsement deal.  Volvo is hoping to raise their 5% stake in the Chinese auto market to over 20% and they are banking on Lin to do it.


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