Jumbo’s Sweet 16 Rankings and Tournament Predictions

Last week 68 teams had visions of cutting down the nets in New Orleans.  Today only 16 are left.  I am going to take a look at those 16 teams and let you know who I think will make it to play next weekend.

Jumbo’s Sweet Sixteen Rankings

  1. Kentucky:  The best team in the nation is loaded and primed to win it all.  An Elite 8 matchup with an athletic Baylor could be trouble for them but they should advance.
  2. Michigan State:  Why did I pick against Izzo in March when I did my bracket last week?  I don’t know.  March is when Tom Izzo shows us all that he is one of the best college basketball coaches of all time.
  3. Ohio State
  4. Baylor:  Baylor may be the only team with the athletes to play with Kentucky but are they mature enough to play controlled ball against them?  That is the question.
  5. Marquette:  The Marquette/Florida game should be the best game on Thursday.  This game will be the first to 85 points wins.
  6. Kansas
  7. UNC: Marshall’s wrist injury meansCarolinahas no chance at a title.  They are just not healthy enough to make a run.
  8. Syracuse:  They have made it farther in the tournament than anyone thought they would without Fab Melo.  I think they get by Wisconsin and go down to Ohio State in the Elite 8.
  9. Louisville: 2 Hall of Fame coaches (Izzo and Pitino) battle it out.  I like Louisville but they have nothing for MSU’s Draymond Green.
  10. Florida
  11. Indiana:  They should have plenty of confidence going into their Sweet 16 matchup with Kentucky but I don’t think lightning will strike again.  Unless they shoot 60% from 3-point range again.
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Cincinnati
  14. NC State:  They have played very strong inside in the tournament and they are shooting well.  Do they have the horses to play with Kansas and set up a 4th meeting with UNC?  Yes!
  15. Xavier
  16. Ohio

My Top 3 Sweet 16 Games To Watch Are:

  1. #3 Marquette vs. #7 Florida 10:07pm Thursday TBS
  2. #1 Michigan State vs. #4 Louisville 7:47pm Thursday TBS
  3. #1 Kentucky vs. #4 Indiana 9:35pm Friday CBS

My Pre-Tournament Final 4 was: Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio State and North Carolina

My Pre-Tournament Champion was: Kentucky over Ohio State

My Final 4 Today is: Kentucky, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Kansas

UKand OSU stay in but MSU takes Missouri’s place and due to Marshall’s injury I am projecting a Kansas win vs. UNC in the Elite 8.

My New National Champion is: Michigan State

Players have put teams on their backs and taken them to titles before.  Remember Carmelo and Syracuse.  Kemba Walker and UCONN.  Will Draymond Green join them in 2012?  I think so.


2 thoughts on “Jumbo’s Sweet 16 Rankings and Tournament Predictions

  1. I beg to differ and here’s why. First off there is no team hotter and with more confidence than NC State. Gottfried has them believing that they can reach the Final Four. Kansas is good hence the 2 seed but they are vulnerable. Talent wise slight edge to Kansas but lookout for Brown and Leslie and the x factor of Scott Wood. The injury to Marshall is devistating. 1984 the same thing happened to Kenny Smith and they lost with all that talent. Carolina has everybody against them now and that to me is dangerous, see what happens when Carolina gets mad is the pedal goes down and the gloves come off, saw that Sunday. I still say Kentucky has too much talent not to make the title game. Carolina will play State to go to the Final Four, the winner of that game wins it all.

    • I believe you are too loyal to your Tobacco Road roots. NC State has a chance to win against Kansas but it will be hard matching up. UNC’s injury problems are more than Marshall. They are not deep enough to make a run now.

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