Cooperstown’s Reservation Book.

Chipper Jones (UPI/Kevin Dietsch)

The news yesterday that future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones is retiring at the end of the 2012 season got me to thinking about who in MLB is Hall of Fame worthy if their career ended today.  This is the list of the 8 active players with their names already in the Cooperstown reservation book.    

Albert Pujols:

The youngest guy on the list is 32 years old but has the best resume of them all.  Pujols is a 3-time MVP and 2-time World Series Champion.  His career 1.037 OPS(On-Base % Plus Slugging %) ranks in the top 10 all-time with Ruth, Ted Williams and Hank Greenberg.  In fact if you look at all of Pujols’ numbers on the all-time lists you will see he is surrounded by Hall of Famers.  100% No Doubt HOF.

Todd Helton:

Todd Helton

Some people may not be as high on Helton as I am but his career is Hall of Fame worthy.  If you put his numbers up against Hall of Famers then the numbers speak for themselves.






Todd Helton





Kirby Puckett





Joe DiMaggio





Derek Jeter:

The Captain doesn’t need me to sell his HOF candidacy but I will throw out some numbers in the case you just awoke from a 20 year coma.  Over 3,000 hits, .313 career avg, 5 World Series, 12-time All Star and beautiful in drag.

Chipper Jones:

Chipper is walking away from the game at the end of this season as one of the best switch hitters ever.  His over .300 career average and 454 home runs put him in that group with Eddie Murray and Mickey Mantle.  All other 3rd baseman with similar numbers, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Mathews, Wade Boggs and George Brett are all in the Hall of Fame.

Alex Rodriguez:

A-Rod’s candidacy is a tough one to view now.  The numbers are there but how he got those numbers will be the question the Hall of Fame voters will be asking themselves.  It is known that he used steroids during his career and voters will not forget that.  The question is how soft the view on the “Steroid Era” will be when he is up for enshrinement.  Bonds and Clemons should give us with an idea.

Ichiro Suzuki:

Ichiro Suzuki(Warren/AP)

A guarantee to be the first Japanese player inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ichiro has built a stellar career.  After winning the ROY and MVP in 2001 he has continued to put up great numbers.  His record of 10 straight seasons of 200+ hits may never be broken and his career batting avg of .326 is 29th all time.  Already sitting at 2, 480 hits, Ichiro has nothing left to do to prove his HOF worthiness.

Jim Thome:

Thome is one of only 8 players to hit over 600 home runs in their career.  His power numbers compare favorably with Mickey Mantle and Alex Rodriguez.  The leader of the great Indians teams of the 90’s, Thome is a future Hall of Famer in anyones eyes.

Mariano Rivera:

Mariano Rivera

As you read this please imagine “Enter Sandman” playing in the background.  The all time saves leader possesses the single greatest pitch in baseball history, the cutter.  Winner of 5 World Series and a 12-time All Star, Rivera could and should become the first player to receive 100% of Hall of Fame votes.


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