The Morning Dump: 3/26/12

John Calipari/Rick Pitino (Kim Klement, Jim O'Connor/US PRESSWIRE)

The Final 4 is set and all I can guarantee is a team from Kentucky will be in the final.  I am looking forward to the classic Calipari/Pitino showdown on Saturday.

In a preview of what could be the NBA finals, the Thunder beat the Heat handily last night.

Good luck on your recovery Joba Chamberlain.  An open fracture of you ankle while playing on a trampoline at Gymboree is no way for a career to end.  Reports are he lost so much blood that he nearly died. I know the 30 kids that saw that happen will never get on a trampoline again.

Minor League Guy aka Oscar Taveras

This is what happens when the graphics guy in the video truck at the Cardinals spring training game spills a soda on his roster and doesn’t have it when the Cards send in a pinch- runner late in the game.  EPIC!

My NBA MVP Kevin Love followed his 51 pt 14 reb game with a 30 pt 21 reb game.  The best big man in the league by far.

Get ready for Sean Payton on FOX this football season.  I think it is going to happen.

Bert Sugar (AP Photo)

Boxing writer Bert Sugar passed away yesterday.  If you are a fan of boxing you know who Sugar was.  His trademark fedora hat and cigar were just as famous as his legendary commentary on the “sweet science”.  He will be missed.

I want to try that 2 foot long $26 hot dog at Rangers Ballpark so bad I might take a fat boy pilgrimage to Texas.

#17:  Danica Patrick current spot on the Nationwide Standings.  In between her and 1st are 16 guys NASCAR doesn’t care about.

Adam Dunn (Photo by USA Today)

Adam Dunn has looked good for the White Sox this spring.  I am a big time Dunn fan.  There is something about the Home Run or Strikeout batters that I love watching.  After a terrible year last year maybe he can get it together.

I am getting ready for the best playoffs in sports, hockey.  I love it.


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/26/12

  1. Did anyone watch the Heat/Thunder game? Miami looked listless. Durant beat Lebron a couple of times off the dribble badly. It is tough to put too much value on a regular season interconference game but you have to wonder why the Heat didn’t get up for this one.

    • Wade was still feeling Marquette’s loss to Florida on Thursday night and didn’t get up for this game.

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