The Morning Dump: 3/27/12

The Saints saga continues.  Payton and Loomis are going to speak with Parcells today and try to get him to takeover the Saints during Payton’s suspension.  I don’t see it happening but who knows with this team.

Miami followed up a loss to OKC with an uglier loss to the Indiana Pacers.  Does it mean anything or are they just going through a small slump.

The U.S. men will not be playing soccer at the 2012 London Olympics after failing to win against El Salvador.  They have failed to qualify 2 of the last 3 Olympic games. 

Former Kentucky QB and #1 NFL draft pick Tim Couch has been honored by Makers Mark with a commemorative bottle.  The bottle is in honor of all the Cleveland Brown fans that became heavy drinkers after the Browns drafted Couch.  Makers Mark sales grew 64% that year.

Tiger Woods is the early betting line favorite at 4-1 for the Masters and Rory Mcllroy is at 5-1.

The Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow experiment will end poorly for Mark Sanchez.

If you have $1.5m -$2m laying around a Honus Wagner baseball card in going up for auction today in St. Louis.

Great hire by South Carolina basketball in getting Frank Martin.  Get ready USC players.  He is going to be INTENSE!!

Frank Martin


5 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/27/12

  1. Is that Tim Couch bottle a photoshop?

  2. I’m not sure how Makers Mark doing a bottle for Cal is the same as UNC hanging banners up, but OK.

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