Jumbo’s 2012 MLB Award Predictions

With the real start of baseball season breathing done our necks, I am bringing you my picks for who is going to take home the regular season awards the year.

AL Rookie of the Year:  Yu Darvish 

Yu Darvish (By Rob Schumacher, The (Phoenix) Arizona Republic)

I don’t think it will be easy to beat out Matt Moore in Tampa or Jesus Montero in Seattle but I think Darvish will be a top 10 pitcher in Wins, Strikeouts and WHIP and if that happens then it will be a no contest.


NL Rookie of the Year: Bryce Harper

I know he is starting in AAA this season but I don’t think it will take too long for the “Wonder Kid” to be patrolling the outfield for the Nationals by mid May.  Especially if they start slow.

AL Manager of the Year:  Jim Leyland

Leyland will be the manager of the American League’s best team and he will earn himself a Manager of the Year nob for his troubles.  I also think that Joe Maddon and Ron Washington could contend but will come up short to Leyland because contrary to the Chinese Zodiac this is not the year of the Dragon but the year of the Tiger.

NL Manager of the Year:  Don Mattingly

Don Mattingly

Donny Baseball will have the Dodgers playing at a high level and will hold off Ozzie Guillen for the award.

AL Cy Young Award:  David Price

The Ace of the Rays will be the Ace of the American League come October.  Price is young and will get the help from the Rays lineup to win plenty of games.  Justin Verlander and Felix Hernandez will not be far behind but this will be Price’s breakout season.

NL Cy Young Award:  Clayton Kershaw

Back-to-back Cy Youngs for the 24-year-old Dodger.  The team will be better and considering he will get half his starts in the pitchers paradise that is Dodger Stadium his stats could be even better this year.

AL MVP:  Miguel Cabrera

I could have just as easily have picked Albert Pujols to win but like I said before, it’s the year of the Tiger.  Miggy will lead the league in batting average and will be a triple crown candidate.  The best player on the best team gets votes and that is what Cabrera will be this season.

NL MVP:  Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp

The Dodgers will be winners this year after the McCourt experience is over and Matt Kemp will get the MVP that he probably should have won last year.  If the Marlins take a next step and win the NL East then Hanley Ramirez will get noticed but I think this is Kemp’s year.


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