Jumbo’s 2012 MLB Preview and Predictions

The winter is over and baseball is back.  The American League got stronger and the National League lost 2 of its biggest bats.  Are you wondering how the season going to shake out?  Well then here you go.


AL East

New York Yankees                 93-69

Tampa Bay Rays (WC)           92-70

Boston Red Sox                        88-74

Toronto Blue Jays                   80-82

Baltimore Orioles                    62-100

The Yankees are not led by A-Rod and Jeter anymore.  This team will only go as far as Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson can take them.  Luckily for them that will be to the playoffs and a division title.  I really like the Rays this season and I think they will keep close to the Yankees all year but will not catch them in the end.  But don’t worryTampa; the Rays will be hosting a 1 game Wild Card playoff this fall.

AL Central

Detroit Tigers                          101-61

Minnesota Twins                     82-80

Kansas City Royals                  81-81

Cleveland Indians                    78-84

Chicago White Sox                   68-94

The Tigers are going to be the team to beat in the AL Central and maybe all of baseball.  They have pitching, hitting and are primed to win their first World Series since 1984.  I feel the Twins will be healthy this year and take a step up but this will be a one team division.

AL West

Texas Rangers                          96-66

Los Angeles Angels (WC)        92-70

Seattle Mariners                       71-91

Oakland Athletics                     63-99

The addition of Pujols will boost the Angels’ offense but I have a feeling that Texas will win the division when it is all said and done.  I think addition of Yu Darvish is big and I expect a big year from Josh Hamilton and the rest of the Texas bats.


NL East

Philadelphia Phillies                 90-72

Miami Marlins (WC)                89-73

Atlanta Braves                          84-78

Washington Nationals              82-80

New York Mets                         70-90

The Phillies pitching staff should be able to keep them winning while their bats recover from injury but they will need some help to hold off the Marlins.  I think they will be buyers at the trade deadline and will bring in a bat to help them get over the hump.  I love the Marlins now and would not be surprised if the overtook the Phillies but I think they finish behind them in the regular season but ahead of them in the postseason.

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds                        90-72

Milwaukee Brewers                86-76

St. Louis Cardinals                   83-81

Pittsburgh Pirates                    73-89

Chicago Cubs                             68-94

Houston Astros                         59-103                             

The Reds make th e step that they didn’t make last year and win the NL Central.  The Cards and Brewers have both lost some pop and I see that it is going to be difficult to stay at the top.  If the Reds’ pitchers perform they have the bats to contend for the World Series.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers                88-74

San Francisco Giants (WC)      86-76

Arizona Diamondbacks             82-80

Colorado Rockies                       76-86

San Diego Padres                      70-92

I am big on the Dodgers this season.  I think that with the McCourt mess behind them they will be able to thrive and win the NL West.  San Fran will be up there but I don’t think they will be able to finish ahead of Los Angeles.  I actually have the Giants and Brewers playing a one game playoff before the actual playoffs to see who get the last NL Wild Card spot.


 AL Wild-Card Playoff                              NL Wild-Card Playoff

Tampa Bay over Los Angeles                        Miami over San Francisco

AL Divisional Series                                   NL Divisional Series

Detroit over Tampa Bay                                      Miami over Cincinnati

Texas over New York                              Los Angeles over Philadelphia

AL Championship                                             NL Championship

Detroit over Texas                                             Miami over Los Angeles

World Series

Detroit Tigers over Miami Marlins


6 thoughts on “Jumbo’s 2012 MLB Preview and Predictions

  1. Tiger’s over The Diamond Backs in 6

    • I like the D-Backs also but I think that the NL West will be between the Dodgers and Giants. Thanks for reading.

      • Here is the world series connections Kirk Gibson – Tigers 1984
        Kirk Gibson- Dodgers 1988 Kirk Gibson with the Diamond Backs loses to the Tigers 2012, reason Kirk Gibson is the altimate Tiger regardles, its not like He will lose purposely to the Tigers but
        in His heart He will always be a Tiger!

      • I also believe that the Mattingly led Dodgers could never beat the Yankees.

      • Mattingly will never know! Gibsons Diamond Backs wont let them get that far, I think that Gibson really dosent like Mattingley! I’ll give Kirk a call and find out…. oh You now his phone number?

  2. neiko wants to apologize about Themious, He is My Spoiled twin, He wanted His 2 cents first!

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