The Fantasy Dump: Baseball Edition 3/29/12

Other than the fact that I was pounding Red Bulls all morning to get over being up so late, the MoneyBall Fantasy Baseball draft worked out pretty well for me Tuesday night.  I was able to go in with a solid plan and stuck with it even when some runs happened.  I think I got good value at every pick and didn’t reach too much for any player.  I slotted my guys I wanted and picked them when I felt it was due.

My first round pick was the one pick I didn’t expect to have to think about considering I had the 2nd and was going to take who was left between Pujols and Cabrera after the 1st pick but then Matt Kemp was the first guy off the board forcing me to choose between the 2.  There was no wrong choice but I went with Miguel Cabrera over Pujols because I think he is going to win the MVP this year and will put up massive numbers with Prince Fielder hitting behind him and driving him in.

Miguel Cabrera

My next 2 picks were Dustin Pedroia and Curtis Granderson.  Both are 20-20 guys on the low side and 30-30 guys on the high side.  Both will give me 100+ runs and 90-100 RBIs.

In the 4th round I went with the pitcher that I think is going to have a monster season this year and will finish in the top 3 for the AL Cy Young David Price.  Price is the number 1 for the Tampa Bay Rays and will have plenty of run support.  His high K/9 ratio will keep his WHIP and ERA low and his 200+ strikeouts will really help.

Getting Ryan Zimmerman in the 5th round was great considering his upside and that he is hitting his peak year.  He is hitting .583 this spring and should come into the year red-hot.  Zimmerman has a chance to be a top 20 fantasy producer this season.

After the first 5 picks I went back and started to slot my needs in comparison to who was left and what the teams around had already picked.  I will give you some insights to the rest of my draft but I won’t go into each player.

Together with David Price I was able to get Yu Darvish and John Lester.  Both will give me quality innings and over 200 strikeouts for the season.  They are both the best pitchers on teams with very potent offenses and will have the opportunity for 16+ wins.

As I stated in the previous Fantasy Dump, I wanted to get 2-3 closers that I can count on to put me in the top of the saves category.  Andrew Bailey, Joel Hanrahan and Drew Storen will do just that.  I was able to get 3 solid closers with job security late enough in the draft that all were great value.  The saves category is mine.

My catchers are Joe Mauer and Jonathan Lucroy.  Mauer fell to me 2 rounds later than I had him ranked so I had to jump.  If he is health, he has the potential to be a top 3 catcher.  He will hit over .300 and if the Twins let him DH and play 1B some then I will be very happy.

Jose Reyes, right, and Emilio Bonifacio (AP)

My favorite player on my entire team is Emilio Bonifacio.  He will be hitting 2nd in Miami between Reyes and Ramirez and he will steal 40-50 bases.  Plus he is eligible at 3 positions (3B, SS, OF) and that is gold in fantasy.  He will see good pitches, score a ton of runs and will almost guarantee me a top ranking in steals.

The rest of my squad is filled with young bats with pop and upside.  Good luck with your fantasy baseball team this season and check back Sunday evening for the Week 1 Preview.


2 thoughts on “The Fantasy Dump: Baseball Edition 3/29/12

  1. Hello, there. Did the Bloggers League wind up short on teams? I checked Sportsline and noticed that, while a link to the league was there, the league page was not.

    • Yes, I sent out a message. Sorry but we just didn’t have enough interest. Maybe next season with an earlier notice. Thanks.

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