The Morning Dump: 3/29/12

Magic Johnson

It is good to see one of the storied MLB franchises, the Los Angeles Dodgers get rescued by Magic Johnson and his investors for the price of $2 Billion.  That franchise is excited to get the McCourt nightmare behind them.  Frank McCourt may be a lousy owner of a baseball team but he came out great.  He bought the team from NewsCorp for $421 million and sold it for $2B in a recession.  That’s what I call a return on investment.

Staying with baseball, I am not a fan of MLB opening the season in Japan.  Opening day should be dads pulling kids out of school and bringing them to the ballpark.  It shouldn’t be Mariner and Athletic fans having to be up at 3am to watch their favorite team.  If you want to play in japan MLB do a series in season but don’t take opening day from the home fans.

The NFL owners have approved the change of the regular season OT to the playoff OT process.  I like the change but I think it may lead to more ties and longer games will mess up TV schedules.  The automatic reviews after a turnover is smart.  It shouldn’t cost a team a challenge to make sure a turnover is a turnover.

Reebok Tim Tebow Jets Jerseys(Mary Altaffer, AP)

Nike is mad at Reebok for making New York Jets Tebow jerseys to get out before Nike takes over NFL jersey in April.  Nike knows that if fans buy Reebok jerseys this week they will not be buying Nike jerseys next week. 

My man K-Love brought 40 pts and 19 reb in Charlotte last night.  Will the next league MVP be able to do that against Anthony Davis and the Bobcats next year?

Carmelo Anthony (AP/SA)

It’s Carmelo’s chance to show this is his Knicks team and last night’s victory over the Magic was his first shot.

Ernie Els’ last chance for a Masters invite starts today at the Houston Open.  Good Luck Ernie.


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