The Morning Dump: 3/30/12

Up early, banging out some finishing touches on the Dump by enjoying the “Breakfast of Champions”.  No not Wheaties but Red Bulls and Swiss Cake Rolls.

Why is Donovan McNabb even getting a chance to speak about RG3?  How were the Redskins supposed to cater their offense to an out of shape and uncommitted QB?  RG3 is committed to be succesful and all McNabb’s doing is showing us how committed he is to blaming his embarrassing career ending to anyone but himself.

Derek Fisher comes back to Staples and gets the win over the Lakers with the Thunder.  The Lakers had to get better at PG but it seems that losing the voice and presence of Fisher has hurt.

Twins pitcher Carl Pavano’s attempted extortionist is being investigated by police.  The man in Connecticut claimed that Pavano was his first love while he was in high school and was going to break the story.

The Tar Heels are in restocking mode after Henson, Barnes and Marshall leave early and Zeller graduates.  I think this makes recruiting much easier for Roy.

Kansas Legend Danny Manning is Tulsas New Coach(Photo by Nick Krug)

Danny Manning is now the head coach of Tulsa.  Tulsa is now the favorite if there is a Head coach One-on-One Tournament next season.

Ernie Els is 1-under par after a 2 hole rain shortened first round.

Get ready to be motivated by Ray Lewis.  I have already made my new office motto “Effort is between you and you.” after watching this video.


5 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 3/30/12

  1. Unfortunately for Roy, there’s not much recruiting left for next year. His #1 target now is former UCONN transfer Alex Oriakhi, but he’s got a lot of competition for him. Let’s see if Deputy Dog has still got it.

    • On the fence guys could lean their way now that they can be the guy with this team. Roy will be selling that hard the next few weeks.

      • Guys aren’t just going to all of a sudden put UNC on their list if they weren’t considering them before. Too late in the game, doesn’t happen. Roy should have seen this coming and prepared better.

      • UNC will be fine and will be able to recruit some talent in this short time.

    • If he were able to get that guy from UCONN then UNC can turn out alright. That of course depending that no one else leaves for the NBA.

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