BREAKING NEWS: Michael Vick Arrested In Connection With Kitten Fighting Ring.

Early this morning a raid was conducted at the northern Virginia home of Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick after a 17 month investigation uncovered a large multi-party kitten fighting operation.  It is not known at this time what Michael Vick has exactly been charged with but the investigation was carried out by an undercover officer who lived on the property as a “kitten wrangler”.  Some of the excerpts from his investigation…

– Vick and the others would put 2 kittens in a room with one ball of yarn and watch the cats fight with each other for the yarn.

– Bets were made on which kitten would get the yarn and which kitten would just give up and take a nap.

– It was the most intensely adorable thing I have ever witnessed.

– I don’t think any kittens were hurt but one time one let out a really big meow.

– Come to think of it the only time any kittens were harmed was when one was shot during the raid by an overzealous SWAT team member.

Sounds very tragic to me also and I hope that Mr. Vick and his associates are punished severely.


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