The Morning Dump: 4/2/12

Happy Monday folks.  I got Tom Morello’s solo stuff bringing me in this morning.  The Nightwatchman will get you riled up to overthrow a country or do some sports writing.

Did anyone else get that “Is that fishy?” feeling after CBS said Anthony Davis has a twin sister and she is going to Kentucky also?  Who is paying for that?  Could be nothing but I am just wondering.

It bothers some people that Kirk Ferentz’s son got a job on his father’s staff at Iowa after he was picked from over 100 other applicants.  I see nothing wrong with it.  Whomever he wants as one of his assistants is good with me.

I don’t see how the players involved in “BountyGate” will be charged criminally.  I can you prove a specific hit was dirty or had intent to injure.  I can see coaches maybe for ordering it but it will be hard to pinpoint players.

David Reutimann should have gotten off the track and into the pits but David Reutimann had to stay out as long as possible to acquire points.  I bet NASCAR ordered him to stay out so their precious Danica would be guaranteed a spot in Darlington.  Sometimes what you should do and what you have to do are two different things.  I feel bad for Clint Bowyer though.  Those slow Hendrick cars in front of him should have moved out of the way and let him win the race.  They have no class.

Ubaldo Jimenez put a  fastball on Troy Tulowitzki’s elbow yesterday after some bad blood between them after Jimenez’s exit from Colorado this offseason.  To bad they don’t face each other again this year.

Rondo always has a big game when he is on national TV.  Triple-Double machine.

OKC Thunder look like the team to beat this year.  Who was the last team to beat that won the title though?

It’s good to see Johan Santana back as the opening day starter for the Mets.  I hope he is able to last the season but a shoulder injury is the most damaging injury for a pitcher and the hardest to completely recover from.

Loved the Pens/Flyers game yesterday.  I wanted to see the coaches throw at each other though.



2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/2/12

  1. I thought the same thing about the Morris twins at Kansas, the Lopez twins at Stanford and the Wear twins at UNC/UCLA! Someone needs to look into this!

  2. And let’s not just limit this to twins. Let’s look at the Henry brothers at Kansas, the Griffins at Oklahoma, the Plumlees at Duke…This is an epidemic!!

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