The Morning Dump: 4/3/12

I just told Willie the game wasn't starting until after 9pm. Not happy.

9:25pm start time makes a late night for me and my bulldog Willie.  What is the deal with these start times?  It’s ridiculous.  Willie was pissed.

Congrats UK and Coach Calipari on your soon-to-be vacated National Championship.  That makes 8 National Titles for UK and their fans still don’t know how to celebrate. 

After watching The Fray butcher the anthem, Carl Lewis has decided to give it another try.

I am tired of all the one and done talk.  If you don’t want your team to go after players that are good enough to go to the NBA out of high school then start rooting for a D-III team.  It’s a stupid rule and the NBA should not have it.

Vicodin's a hell of a drug.

I will not watch another second of TV until Jeremy Mayfield and Ryan Leaf get to be on Celebrity Rehab.  Those 2 guys are train wrecks.

I am reading ‘War Room’ by Michael Holley.  Great book about Bill Belicheck and the story of building the Patriots be overhauling their culture.  The guys in the Purple Monkey Dynasty League better watch out because I am learning how to build a dynasty.

After winning 5 straight games it looks like the Clippers are back on track and are 1 game back from the Lakers for the 3rd seed in the West.

I looking forward to the unveiling of Nike’s new NFL uniforms today but I am afraid they are going to be hideous. 

HBO should put the Jets back on Hard Knocks again this season.  It would be the best choice considering the circus.

I don’t fault the New York Knicks at all for holding the news of Lin’s injury until after the deadline to buy playoffs tickets had passed.  It’s a business.  Get your money then drop the news.  That’s how it’s done.

How much SWAG does Lionel Messi have?  This guys brings the heat plus his nickname is “El Pulga”.  Which means “Beautiful Italian Soccer Guy”.  I think?

Big checks were cut in the MLB yesterday.  Matt Cain agreed to 6 yr/$127.5M with Giants and Joey Votto gets 10 yr/$225M from the Reds.  WOW!


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