Baltimore Orioles lose to community college team

Does this look like a 50 win team to you?

In a story that I thought was a late April Fools Day joke has turned out to be very very true.  Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles lost 2-1 to the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.  Orioles pitcher Jason Hammel allowed 2 runs and 3 hits over 5 innings to the Mighty Manatees.  When asked about his outing, Hammel had very little to say about it “I got my work in, so let’s leave it at that”.  The player of the game would have to be Orlando Rivera, a freshman for FCS who went 2-3 with a SB and a run scored.  The winning run.

In my 2012 MLB Season Preview I had the Orioles winning 62 games.  Looks like I am changing that to 50.

It’s going to be a long year for Buck and all the tortured Orioles fans out there.


8 thoughts on “Baltimore Orioles lose to community college team

    Well… And SAD…
    …But Mainly PRICELESS!!!!

  2. What was a High School team doing playing against a Community College team?

    • I had a Cat (kitten) tear My full groan Pit Bull apart (clawed) I was wondering How and Why! the Dog ate the Cats food, the Cat was HUNGRY!

  3. Oh, and it won’t be a long season for us at all. It will be very short, like it always is.

  4. Claiborne doesn’t know much. But he knows the Orioles suck.

  5. *Ahem*

    So what happened about that long year for Buck and the O’s fans?

    Oh riiiiight…

    Just thought I’d remind you.

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