i skord a for on da wundrlik

Have you ever failed a test?  I’m guessing that if you spend your time reading The Sports Dump, you probably have.  But if you can read this blog at all, I bet you haven’t done as poorly as LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne did on the Wonderlic this offseason.  Claiborne scored a four on what amounts to a basic cognitive ability test.  That’s a FOUR……….out of FIFTY!

You would think that someone who could manage to pass classes at Louisiana State University would be able to score better than a four on an intelligence test.  I mean, that underwater basket weaving major surely would have prepared him for tests like these, right?

Seriously, how did he not fail out of school?  Those LSU tutors must be something else!

Granted, a high Wonderlic score is not necessarily an indicator of NFL success.  Vince Young scored a six, before getting a 14 on his second try.  Steve McNair got a 15, and look where he ended up.  Sebastion Janikowski got a nine, and teammates call him “Sea Bass.”  Now, that’s one smart fish.

Sample Question:


Interesting Fact:  Jamarcus Russell scored higher than Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Brett Favre, Terry Bradshaw, and of course, Tim Tebow.

Final Thought:  Morris Claiborne will be a mulit-millionaire in just a few short months.  I only wish I was could be that dumb.


3 thoughts on “i skord a for on da wundrlik

  1. When I first saw this story put out by ProFootballTalk I was surprised. I though everyone knew he had a learning disability. His high school knew about it, LSU knew about it and the NCAA knew about it. He had all the tutors that were available to him to help with college studies. He has been asked about his disability by NFL scouts and coaches and has assured them he will be able to learn the system with extra study. Les Miles agrees. This is not Dexter Manley. This is a kid that will put in the effort and will be a very good pro.

    • Spoken like a true LSU fan. I’m not trying to discount his learning disability. Some guys take this test seriously, some don’t. It’s just the way it is. A.J. Green scored a 10 last year and Patrick Petersen scored a 9, all without a learning disability. And I think they did ok. The fact that he or his agent(Bus Cook) didn’t help prepare him to get better than a four is what’s really surprising.

      • Understood. I just thought you were a heartless bully making fun of the slow kid. Good read though. You need to write more.

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