The Morning Dump: 4/4/12

I got caught up on some sleep last night and I am ready for this wonderful Wednesday.

Joe Flacco (Christopher T. Assaf,Baltimore Sun)

The number 1 sign that concussions and brian injuries have become an epidemic in the NFL.  Joe Flacco said he is the #1 QB in the NFL.  Get that poor kid tested.

It didn’t take more than 2 minutes after his first NCAA title for Calipari to start getting the NBA questions.

I think the NFL should investigate whoever leaked Morris Claiborne’s Wonderlic score and punish them severely.  I have been critical of low Wonderlic scores but the NFL knew he had a learning disability and someone still leaked it.  That was wrong.  My bet is that this is the last year the Wonderlic is a part of the combine and if it was included I would refuse to take it.

Why are people surprised when a 22 yr old professional athlete gets in trouble for marijuana?  Just because they are rich doesn’t mean they don’t smoke weed anymore.  It just means their weed is better than ours.

Congrats to Baylor for their dominating 40-0 season to win the women’s NCAA basketball title.

I am impressed with the new NFL jerseys from Nike.  They look sharp.  I think it is great that the phrase “Keep Pounding” is stitched on the inside collar of the Carolina Panthers jersey to honor Sam Mills.  Mills gave a pre-game speech before the Panthers 2003 playoff game while he was an assistant coach.

“When I found out I had cancer, there were two things I could do — quit or keep pounding,” Mills said.  “I’m a fighter.  I kept pounding.  You’re fighters, too.  Keep pounding.”

I am planning a trip to Oklahoma City in June so I can get in on their NBA Championship riot.



6 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/4/12

  1. I’m with you on the Wonderlick stuff. No way I’d take it if I was a 1st or 2nd rounder. I think we should make Tommy take it and publish the results.

    • I will make fun of a dumb guy but I won’t make fun of someone who has a disability. That’s why it’s okay to make fun of Vince Young.

  2. Richard,
    If you could spell Wonderlic, maybe I’d take your comments seriously. If you’d like me off the site, just remove my posting rights, it’s that simple.

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