The Morning Dump: 4/6/12

Good to see the end of this long week and I can’t wait for the weekend with my girls.

Greg Williams is done as a coach forever in the NFL.  That audio of him demanding his players to go after bad knees, players heads and to deliberately injure players just sealed his fate.

Bobby Petrino learns the hard way that mistresses and motorcycles don't mix.(Gareth Patterson/AP)

Poor Bobby Petrino!  Yesterday the facts on Petrino’s motorcycle wreck came out and they were not good.  The married 50 something year old coach and his 24-year-old engaged blonde passenger sealed their “inappropriate relationship” with laying down Petrino’s bike on a back country road.  Sources said that Petrino said that she “grabbed his handgrips too tight and he wrecked”.  So that’s what the kids are calling “IT” these days.  I am sending Petrino a copy of my new book titled “That’s Why My Mistress Doesn’t Ride My Bike”.

Tim Tebow is hosting an Easter Sunday Service in Texas and a crowd of 30,000+ is expected to attend.  Mark Sanchez will not be attending because he will still be sleeping off his Good Friday hangover.

Bobby Valentine’s first game as the Red Sox manager should be a sign of things to come.  They have no closer.  The Boston bats need to wakeup and give the Boston pitchers some runs or this is going to be a long year.

Is ESPN going to listen to Howard and fire JVG?

Dwight Howard just said he asked that Jeff Van Gundy be fired from ESPN not Stan Van Gundy from Orlando.  All you guys are misquoting him.

Depending on the outcome of their remaining games the Utah Jazz could have 2 lottery picks in the upcoming draft or none.  Play for the draft Utah.  No one cares to see you in the playoffs.

Some more drivers are mad at David Reutimann today.  His 2011 Chevy Tahoe broke down in the middle of a busy Charlotte intersection yesterday and he changed the outcome of a lot of people’s morning commute. 

Donald does some one shoe skipping yesterday in the Georgia countryside. (Getty Images)

Richard’s pick to win The Masters, Luke Donald shot a 3-over 75.  Lionel Messi doesn’t even play golf and he shot a 14-under 58.  His score was disqualified though because the men in charge of Augusta National hate Argentinians almost as much as they hate women.


5 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/6/12

  1. 1, I hope the David Reutimann things is a joke because that is just too funny to be true.
    2. Lionel Messi!
    3. Dwight Howard has a Learning Disability. You shouldn’t make fun of him or Gregg Doyel will get you.

  2. Reutimann can’t get a break.

  3. Luke Donald makes a charge today!

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