The Morning Dump: 4/11/12

Arkansas has let Bobby Petrino go after “MotorcycleMistressGate 2012” and one of the BEST offensive minds in college football will not be out of coaching for long.  I just hope he learns his lesson.  Don’t use employer money to hire your mistress out of 159 candidates for a football staff job, Dont’ give her $20 grand., and remember that mistresses belong in hotels not on the back of motorcycles.

At 174 years old Boston's Big 3 is older than every other NBA roster.

The Boston Celtics need to slowdown or they are going to have nothing left for the playoffs.  Big win last night against the Heat.

I wonder how many people dropped Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace from their dynasty teams when they heard “60 Minutes” Mike Wallace passed away?

Lionel Messi scored his 61st goal of the season yesterday against Getafe.  He also has officially ended terrorism.  Because thanks to him there are no more virgins for them to die for.  MESSI!!!!!!!!!

I am not Cuban-American so I don’t feel the same as they do on this but I think that Ozzie Gullien made a sincere apology and is ashamed of his comments.  The Marlins have given him 5 games off to think about it and try to get the community back on his side. 

Future NL MVP David Freese is on pace for 81 HRs.  Do I think he can keep it up?  No, he will stop at 75.


Stephon Marbury is a national hero in China after leading the Beijing Ducks to a CBA Championship and they are going to build a bronze statue is his honor.  Jumbo’s bucket list correction:  Visit China and see the Great Wall Stephon Marbury Statue.

The fight for the Stanley Cup starts tonight with the Pens/Flyers at 7:30.  Get ready for playoff hockey.

Hot start for the unbeaten Tigers and Diamondbacks.  The Tigers could break the record of most wins in a season at 116 this year.  13 wins is the record for straight wins to open season.

This is called "Chippering". It's when you get down on one knee and pray that your knees will work enough to get you around the bases.

Welcome back Chipper Jones.  In his first game off the DL, Chipper gives us a 2-run shot.  What’s sad for the Braves is that their best hitter’s knees are so bad that he should qualify for disability.




2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/11/12

    • Since we only need him for 6 games it might be okay. He can quit during another season.

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