Football Factories: QB Edition

Will Andrew Luck be the next great Stanford QB in the NFL?

As we here at The Sports Dump are getting ready for the upcoming NFL Draft, I got to thinking about all the players in this draft and where they went to school.  Then I got to thinking about all the other players that have been drafted before and where they went to school.  Then I got to thinking about what school has produced the best players in these drafts.  Then I got to thinking about what school has produced the best players at a certain position.  Then I took a nap because that is a lot of thinking for me to do in one afternoon.  Then I woke up, chugged a Red Bull, took 3 Advil and got to work.

We are going to start with the most important position on the field, the Quarterback.  To construct this list I am using a “Quantity of Quality” formula.  What does that mean?  Don’t expect to see Southern Miss on the list even though they have an all time top 5 QB in Brett Favre because they don’t have the “Quantity of Quality”.  Let’s get to it.  Here are The Sports Dump’s Top 5 QB Producing Colleges.

Jim Kelly's 4 Super Bowl appearances helps put Miami on the list.

#5:  Miami

Hall of Famer:  Jim Kelly

Solid Careers: Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde

Super Bowl Appearances/Wins:  4/0

The during the 80’s the University of Miami sent Jim Kelly(’83), Bernie Kosar(’85) and Vinny Testaverde(’87) to the NFL.  The Canes have had 10 QBs drafted into the NFL but they have no Super Bowl wins to show for it.  Kelly was the closest with his 4 Super Bowl appearances but he couldn’t get over the hump.  Kosar is a hero in Cleveland and Testeverde made a career out of being good enough to always have a job. 

Joe Montana winning one of his 4 Super Bowl rings.

#4:  Notre Dame

Hall of Famer:  Joe Montana

Solid Careers:  Joe Theisman, Daryle Lamonica, Steve Beuerlein

Super Bowl Appearances/Wins:  7/5

The Notre Dame QBs bring a deadly combination of 5 Super Bowl rings and 1 snapped femur to the QBU argument.  But where Notre Dame falls short is their long list of big name college QBs who have failed to thrive in the NFL.

Broadway Joe predicted that Alabama would top the list.

#3:  Alabama

Hall of Famers:  Joe Namath, Bart Starr

Solid Career:  Ken Stabler

Super Bowls Appearances/Wins:  4/4

Though they have not produced a top-level QB in some time, Alabama has a rich history of NFL winning quarterbacks.  Considering that the first 3 Super Bowls were won by Alabama QBs and before the NFL/AFL merger Bart Starr had won 5 NFL Championships with the Packers their QBs have produced.  Throw in Super Bowl XI winner and Raider legend Ken Stabler and Alabama deserves a spot in the top 5.

Stanford's Jim Plunkett winning Super Bowl XV for the Raiders.

#2:  Stanford

Hall of Famer:  John Elway

Should Be Hall of Famer:  Jim Plunkett

Possible Future Star:  Andrew Luck

Super Bowl Appearances/Wins: 7/4

If your school can claim the man at the top of many All-Time QB lists you have a shot at the QBU title.  John Elway is among the league’s all-time leaders in many passing categories and is a Denver Broncos icon.  Then you have the only retired 2-time Super Bowl winning QB not in the HOF, Jim Plunkett.  Once you toss in Andrew Luck, the Stanford Cardinals have a chance to move into the top spot if he lives up to the lofty expectations that will follow him into the NFL.

Purdue's Drew Brees erased years of torment for New Orleans.

#1:  Purdue

Hall of Famers:  Len Dawson, Bob Griese

Future Hall of Famer:  Drew Brees

Solid Careers:  Chris Jim Everett, Kyle Orton, Gary Danielson

Super Bowl Appearances/Wins:  6/4

The school at the top of our list boast 2 Hall of Famers with multiple Super Bowls appearances and the most prolific passing quarterback in the league today.  Since the late 50’s there has been a Purdue QB taking snaps from center and playing at a high level in the NFL.  No school has a better mix of Hall of Famers and Super Bowl winners to go with their mix of QBs who banged out solid NFL careers than Purdue.

Next up in the Football Factory:  Running Backs


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