Governmental Waste: The New National Pastime.

Roger Clemens is preparing to defend himself against the Justice Department once again.

In the next few days the United States Justice Department starts to take its 2nd shot at Roger Clemens.  Yes, after spending millions of tax payer dollars on an investigation into whether Clemens lied to a grand jury about his steroid use was wasted by the prosecution showing evidence that they were already told was inadmissible and forcing the judge to declare a mistrial the Justice Department is back for more.  But this time they are  going to cut cost by adding 3 more lawyers to their prosecution team.  What?  More lawyers.  The Justice Department has increased its legal team for this trial to make sure they don’t have any other mishaps like last time.  How many lawyers does it take to not play a recording that the judge tells you not to play?  I bet my 20-year-old Pre-Law student employee knows that if the judge says don’t do it or he will declared a mistrial, you don’t do it.

This is after they wasted more tax payer millions trying to convict Barry Bonds of perjury and they were forced to dropped almost all the charges against him due to not being able to convince a jury of his guilt.  At least they were able to get the jury to convict Bonds of giving an evasive answer to a grand jury question.  An evasive answer?  Millions of tax payer dollars were spent to convict someone of giving an evasive answer.  Is it just me or does everybody give evasive answers when they are being tried?  I didn’t even know that was a crime.

It isn’t just retired baseball players that the federal government is trying to convict but also other retired athletes.  The Justice Department ended their investigation against Lance Armstrong millions of dollars spent and zero charges brought up against Armstrong.  They were trying to prove that Armstrong used steroids and other PEDs during his career.  The Justice Department’s lead witness is a convicted doper Floyd Landis, which again shows their desire to try to get a conviction by using any means necessary but constantly fail.

What does the federal government have against retired professional athletes?  Are they trying to get PEDs out of sports?  If that was the case then why would they be going after retired players so hard.  I think they are trophy hunters.  I think they are just trying to find some big name heads to put above their fireplaces.  Who is leading this?

Jeff Novitzky leaving court after Roger Clemons' mistrial.

One agent have been directly involved in all 3 investigations and that is Jeff Novitzky of the FDA.  I guess there isn’t much to do in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) now with no new drugs needing to be tested and approved so it’s okay that one of their lead investigators spends tax paid time and money looking for retired professional athletes for his trophy case.

(The reason I used the vagueness of “millions of dollars” is because the U.S. Justice Department will not release how much money they have wasted trying to convict retired athletes.)


12 thoughts on “Governmental Waste: The New National Pastime.

  1. They didn’t or dont have to prove anything to Me! I know they stole a lot from Me! They stole My passion for the Game! and the FDA and other Government officials and agencies have stole My passion for Government also! I would like to sue both parties, I want a mjority of My life back that They stole from Me!

  2. Please use both spell check and grammar check in your next article, “Jumbo.” I agree with your points of view but I am informed enough to know Roger’s last name is spelled “Clemens”, not “Clemons.” Further, Jeff Novitsky was with the IRS, not the FDA, for most of his career. There is a reason why he surfaced as the government’s bulldog in the steroid vendetta… you did not provide such in your article above. Please review your prose prior to publishing.

    • Dear T Stillman. Thank you for expressing interest in our open blog editor position. We are currently reviewing your application and hope to get back to you within the week. Thank you for your interest in

      • We need to hire 2. I get Mr. Stillman as my own and we get one for the rest of you guys. Stillamn, you aren’t the guy that found our site by searching “Ryan Tannehill Nudes” are you?

      • It’s great that you misspelled Stillman’s name in that post.

  3. Thank you for the comment. I understand that Novitsky was with the IRS prior to the FDA but what government agency he was with really doesn’t matter. The reason he has surfaced as the government bulldog is his misguided moral vendetta on bringing steroid users to justice. What concerns me about Novitsky, is that he investigated Armstrong for nearly 4 years and could not produce enough evidence to charge him with anything. Why? I don’t know. But I think it needs to be explained by the justice department.

  4. I completely agree. Vendetta is the correct word to use and the waste of taxpayer money is both outrageous and irresponsible. That is my take from a citizen’s perspective. From a sporting perspective, I believe the whole steroid thing is blown out of proportion to an unprecedented degree. Steroids may nelp a weightlifter or football lineman, but they would never help a batter crush a 90 mph curve ball… or throw one faster for that matter. That takes eye-hand coordination, not strength. Just like darts… steroids couldn’t help a dart thrower land a bullseye. If the drugs help an athlete recover, what is the issue? The government and the PRESS have overblown a non-issue here… to the cost of millions of dollars to all of us. This too, shall pass…

  5. “Answer me this…” Love it when sentences start in such a way. Where did you grow up? Did you? Any education beyond 7th grade? You can always tell what a person eats by looking in his garbage… and you can always tell what (if?) a person thinks by listening to what he says or writes. I will have to nominate this blog site for ridicule. Lot’s of depth there, Jumbo. You too, Fill. Go back to your day jobs as your parents couch potatoes…

  6. I love this guy. Mr. Stillman, you are my hero now. If you could or if you have the time would you please comment on every post we make. It makes our day. One more thing… Answer me this?
    What do you think about Lionel Messi?

    Charles Jumbo Copeland
    East Middle School
    Class of 1992

  7. U knowe u’ve mad it whence you hive gohteen ha8ters!

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