Big Game Recaps and Previews: April 17th

Today is the last day to file your tax returns. You’re welcome. On to the big games…



Indians 11 Royals 9 (10 innings):


I’m not going to write about the actual game. I don’t watch or really even care about baseball. Going to a game is fun, but that’s about it. Instead I want to talk about how ridiculous baseball fights are. There’s usually about 40 people on the field and maybe one guy throws a punch. They usually just stand around and yell at each other while the out of shape pitchers, who can only throw for two innings at time, come jogging in from the outfield. You guys are embarrassing yourselves. It’s also setting a bad example for the children. Today’s kids need to know that if they go running and screaming in another person’s direction, they are most likely going to get knocked out. Go ahead and try me son.


Miami 93 New York 85

Getty Images

This could be a first round playoff preview, but the Knicks will need some help if they want a shot at an upset. Amare Stoudemire is closer to coming back, but point guard Jeremy Lin likely won’t be ready until the second round.

Sunday’s game was entertaining at times, but also had many sloppy sequences. Carmelo Anthony played very well, scoring 42 points on over 50% shooting. The problem was that he and JR Smith (16) were the only Knicks that scored in double digits. Tyson Chandler also appeared to injure his knee, but claimed he would be fine after the game.

Miami was led by it’s “Big 3” once again. Lebron had 28 points and 10 rebounds, Wade had 29, 9 and 4 while Chris Bosh added 16 and 14. The 4th quarter appears to still be a work in progress for Miami, but things went well in this game. Dwayne Wade appears to be playing the role of primary closer, with Lebron lurking as an extremely dangerous decoy capable of making shots. Until James hits about 96 more game winning shots in his career he’s still going to receive criticism for his late game abilities, however this dynamic worked well against New York. Both he and Wade hit big shots down the stretch, dominating the game in their own unique ways.


Bruis 4 Capitals 3

UPI/Kevin Dietsch

I haven’t watched much playoff hockey in the past few years, but the fighting and physicality seems to be a little over the top right now. I’m not against fighting or big hits, but at some point it starts to ruin the flow of the game. Olympic hockey is just as much fun to watch and they don’t fight at all. There has to be a middle ground.

The Bruins took at 2-1 series lead on captain Zedeno Chara’s game winning goal with under two minutes to play. After two low scoring games that went into overtime, it was nice to see a little more action on the scoreboards last night. Game 4 is Thursday in Washington.



Spurs at Lakers (10:30 TNT): Kobe Bryant is unlikely to play for the sixth straight game, but the Lakers haven’t seemed to miss him much yet. LA is looking for its 5th straight win. The two teams played just a week ago in San Antonio, with the Lakers winning 98-84. Metta World Peace scored a season high 26 points in the game, with Andrew Bynum grabbing 30 rebounds.

The Spurs are also red hot right now, winning 14 of their last 16 games and moving into first place in the Western Conference over the Thunder. Gregg Popovich is doing a fantastic (and somewhat controversial) job keeping his roster fresh during the condensed season. We remember Tim Duncan being scratched due to old age and him benching all three of his stars on the road against Utah, but he’s also been able to limit the minutes of those guys in games as well. If you beat San Antonio in the playoffs, you will have certainly earned it.


Bulls at Bobcats (7:00 hopefully on a channel you don’t get): With their loss against perennial powerhouse New Orleans, the Bobcats have now lost 17 straight games. Hopefully the basketball gods will punish Charlotte for this disgraceful tank job and not force Anthony Davis to play for this man:

See you on Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Big Game Recaps and Previews: April 17th

  1. The Rangers/Senators game was intense too. No fights but many scuffles. Goalies were hott as fire and the lone goal was a beauty. Lumquist stood on his head. Sick game, Hurricanes need to get back to the playoffs.

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