The Morning Dump: 4/17/12

It’s a double Red Bull morning with Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” bringing me in.  How’s your day?

Is Bobby Valentine trying to get himself fired or is he trying to go “Rachel Phelps” on the BoSox?

LSU couldn’t get on the scoreboard against Alabama but at least they can keep their BCS trophies intact.  At Alabama’s spring game the father of a player tripped on a rug and knocked over the crystal football.  Time for the BCS to get a plastic replica.

Eli Manning will be hosting SNL in May and will again prove that he is the best Manning brother at something else.  I can’t wait for Eli to dominate and then have Richard still say Peyton is the better SNL host.

At 7pm tonight, ESPN will be releasing the NFL schedule for 2012.  What other sport could have a 3 hour special to announced their schedule?  None!

Matt Kemp hitting bombs.(Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)

My preseason pick for NL MVP, Matt Kemp said he would have the first 50/50 season.  There is no way he will get 50 steals.  That’s because he will hit too many home runs and won’t be on base enough.  He will have on of the great seasons.

The NBA has awarded New Orleans the 2014 NBA All Star game.  I think a New Orleans native like Tom Benson will be great for the franchise.  He will get the fans energized by changing the name and uniforms(black and gold) as well make the team attractive to free agents.  Anthony Davis wouldn’t hurt either.

Justin Verlander threw 131 pitches last night and the last one was 100 mph strike.  WOW!

I understand Tim Thomas’ decision not to go the White House to visit with President Obama after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and I know it’s his right.  But I think I love the Capitals fans more for wearing Obama mask to the game last night to heckle Thomas.  Smart fans are great.

Why would SMU hire Larry Brown?  He will not be there for an extended amount of time so how does that help you build your program? 

Sacha Heppell tried out for the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad and it was great.  I just wish he would have made it.






2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/17/12

  1. When will Lionel Messi get his White House invitation?

  2. He has a standing White House invite. When Messi is in town, Barack sleeps in the Lincoln bedroom because Messi and Michelle gets the main bedroom.

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