2012 NFL Schedule Breakdown

The NFL proved again last night that they are the rulers of the free world and we are all just their loyal subjects.  What other sports league could fill 3 hours of primetime ESPN coverage with their schedule release?  MLB?  No!  NBA?  No!  WNBA?  I would watch that and make a drinking game out of it in a heartbeat.

2012 NFL Schedule

Best Schedule

Can Andy Dalton lead the Bengals to the playoffs?

Cincinnati Bengals:  After 6 weeks they will be 5-1 and will be out front of the AFC North.  They will need to get wins early because the finish with tough games but should be control of their destiny.

Worst Schedule

Tennessee Titans:  They can be 0-7 when they face the Colts in week 8 with their schedule.  The AFC South belongs to the Texans. 

Top Games for 2012

Week 1 4:15pm San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers:  Best matchup of the first week gives us 2 of the NFC favorites going H2H.

The Handshake 2

Week 2 SNF 8:20pm  Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers:  The 49ers get in my top games 2 weeks in a row with their Sunday night matchup that I will dub the “Handshake Bowl”.

Week 3 TNF 8:20pm  New York Giants at Carolina Panthers:  The Giants get Cam Newton and the Panthers in primetime.  The Giants should be 2-0 and will be real test for the Panthers.

Week 3 SNF 8:20pm  New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens:  At least Lee Evans can’t drop a game winning TD in this game.

Week 5 4:15pm Denver Broncos at New England Patriots:  Our annual Brady/Manning matchup will look a little different this season but should still be great.

Week 6 4:15pm  New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers:  In week 6 we get a rematch of the NFC playoff game and it should be a great game again.

Week 9 1:00pm  Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins:  Will RG3 make the Redskins as exciting to watch as Cam made the Panthers last year?  I hope so.

Thanksgiving:  Texans at Lions, Redskins at Cowboys, Patriots at Jets:  3 good games that should make sure I am awake while my turkey is digesting.  Will the Texans and Lions be playing at a high level?  Will RG3 make the Redskins watchable?  Will Tebow be starting by week 12?

Alex Smith keeping his chin clean against the Saints.

Week 12 4:15  San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints:  Rematch of the best playoff game last year will take place in NO.  If the Saints are not wounded by bounty penalties it could be a very important NFC matchup.

Week 14 MNF 8:30pm  Houston Texans at New England Patriots:  This will be a battle for the #1 one seed in the AFC playoffs.

(Disclaimer:  Any of these games can be horrible and unwatchable if injuries happen.)

More Schedule Thoughts

I’m glad they made sure that no team has a road game the week before a road Thursday night game.  They messed that up a couple of times last year.

The Packers and the Texans are the only 2 teams that have to play 3 straight road games.

I was surprised the NFL’s public enemy #1 New Orleans Saints got 4 primetime games.

It looks like we will get the season’s worst game out-of-the-way week 1 with the Jags at Vikings.  NFL puts weak games on week 1 because we are so starved for football we will watch anything.

The Atlanta Falcons are Home-Away all season.  They have no back to back home or road games. 

Jumbo’s Super Early Super Bowl Pick

Will we see a Texans/Packers matchup?

Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans


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