The Morning Dump: 4/18/12

Bringing it in with some Metallica Garage Inc.  Up early and typing hard this morning.

Jamie Moyer skipped BINGO last night to go win a baseball game.(AP Photo/Chris Schneider)

Jamie Moyer got his first win of the season last night to become the oldest pitcher to win a MLB game at 49-years-old.  He immediately broke his hip by falling down the clubhouse stairs after the game.

The wheels are coming off for the Red Sox.  Good teams don’t give up 18 runs in their home park with their ace on the mound.  Boston just doesn’t have any spark right now.  How big is Terry Francona smiling?

Josh Hamilton’s HR last night was so deep he never even looked up at it as he trotted the bases.  He knew he mashed it.

Even Paul Silas can't watch the Bobcats.(AP)

Looks like my prediction that the Bobcats will have the worst record in the history of the NBA will happen.  Their reward…  Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

I want a Celtics-Spurs NBA Finals.  That way we can have 4 day breaks between games, court side rocking chairs and early game times so the senior citizens on the team can get some sleep.

Raffi Torres nearly killed a man last night.  The hit didn’t look dirty to me but I am not Brendan Shanahan.

Kentucky cleaned out the fridge yesterday and have already stocked it back up for another title run.  Can they repeat?  No matter how good the pieces are, it will be tough with all new pieces.

I’m glad none of the NASCAR Chase drivers decided to make a political statement and not go to the White House yesterday.  I think NASCAR had a hand in that after they took some heat last year.  I think some sponsors got involved also.

Is Obama the sponsor of the U.S. Army car?(Carolyn Kaster, AP)


2 thoughts on “The Morning Dump: 4/18/12

  1. Is Carl Edwards the only guy taller than Obama? And someone tell Kyle Busch and Keselowski to take off their damn sunglasses when the meet the President of the United States!

  2. Jeff Grodan is the only one who looks like he is okay with wearing a suit. Ryan Newman looks like a bum.

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