The Morning Dump: 4/20/12

Here's to all the bussers I've loved before. Now clean up table 12.

A lot of my old acquaintances from my earlier life as a restaurant employee are going to spend the day like they probably spend most days…  Smoking it up.  Have a great 420 day to all of you.

BREAKING NEWS:  The Colts are going to take Andrew Luck.  Thank you for that report, AP insider who leaked it.  Hey AP, is that all your insider could get?  The one fact we all know.  They must have hired the janitor from Billy Madison.  “Billy likes to drink soda,  Miss Lippy’s car is green.”  I can’t wait for the AP’s insider to leak us some news from the Redskins. 

I think that 100% healthy and playing with fire, Miami and Chicago are the best 2 teams in the NBA and should win the title.  I just don’t see them doing it for a 7 game series.  Rose’s injury history scares me and Miami’s lack of consistency will make a West team very confident if they get out front early.

Here comes the taser and peper spray.

A small boy ran on the field during the White Sox/Orioles game yesterday.  The child was quickly tasered and pepper sprayed before he was given back to his parents.

Big 3 HR night from Curtis Granderson against some weak Twins pitching.  (He happens to be on The Sports Dump fantasy baseball team)

Jose Canseco’s cap from when he gave up his off the head HR is up for auction and if I didn’t have a wife and 2 kids that won’t let me spend $1,200 on that I would have it.

Gotta love playoff hockey.  All these series are getting very good.

Hey there little lady. Do you like Justin Bieber?

This is either NBA star Kevin Love or the next subject on “To Catch A Predator”.


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