Humber Perfection

Don Larson, Randy Johnson, Sandy Koufax, Roy Halladay, Cy Young and Philip Humber.  Philip who?  The 29-year-old 5th starter for the Chicago White Sox tossed only the 21st perfect game in MLB history yesterday against the Seattle Mariners to join that elite list of Hall of Fame pitchers.  Humber’s perfect game is up there with Dallas Braden’s in 2010 as the most unlikeliest of pitchers who have touched perfection on the mound.  I mean if you would have asked me yesterday I would have bet good money that Kevin Costner (threw perfect game as Billy Chapel in For Love of the Game) would throw a real perfect game before Philip Humber would have.

Check out the final out.

Modern Era Perfect Games:

Roy Halladay, Philadelphia at Florida, 1-0, May 29, 2010. Dallas Braden, Oakland vs. Tampa Bay, 4-0, May 9, 2010. Mark Buehrle, Chicago (AL) vs. Tampa Bay, 5-0, July 23, 2009. Randy Johnson, Arizona at Atlanta (NL), 2-0, May 18, 2004. David Cone, New York (AL) vs. Montreal, 6-0, July 18, 1999. David Wells, New York (AL) vs. Minnesota, 4-0, May 17, 1998. Kenny Rogers, Texas vs. California (AL), 4-0, July 28, 1994. Dennis Martinez, Montreal at Los Angeles (NL), 2-0, July 28, 1991. Tom Browning, Cincinnati vs. Los Angeles (NL), 1-0, Sept. 16, 1988. Mike Witt, California at Texas (AL), 1-0, Sept. 30, 1984. Len Barker, Cleveland vs. Toronto (AL), 3-0, May 15, 1981. Catfish Hunter, Oakland vs. Minnesota (AL), 4-0, May 8, 1968. Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles vs. Chicago (NL), 1-0, Sept. 9, 1965. Jim Bunning, Philadelphia at New York (NL), 6-0, June 21, 1964. Don Larsen, New York (AL) vs. Brooklyn (NL) in World Series, 2-0, Oct. 8, 1956. Charles Robertson, Chicago at Detroit (AL), 2-0, April 30, 1922. Addie Joss, Cleveland vs. Chicago (AL), 1-0, Oct. 2, 1908. Cy Young, Boston vs. Philadelphia (AL), 3-0, May 5, 1904.


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